Brady M210 PLUS Portable Label Printer

Top Quality Portable Label Printing


What's special about this Brady label printer?

  • Prints clear, industrial grade labels quickly and easily.
  • Thermal transfer printing won't fade or rub off over time.
  • Built-in label recognition automatically adjusts label size, color, and type once cartridges are inserted.
  • Equipped with built-in bumper guards for added durability.
  • Large 2" x 1" backlit screen for easy previewing of labels prior to printing.
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Brady's M210 Portable Thermal Transfer Label Printer is a feature-packed, economical solution to all your labeling needs. This handy label maker allows you to print a wide variety of labels for general purpose, industrial, electrical, and telecom/datacom applications.

View our assortment of Brady BMP™ 21 label cartridges

Part # Description Price
BC-M210 M210 Portable Label Printer
Quick Ship
BC-M210-KIT M210 Handheld Label Maker with Accessory Kit
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Weight Price
BC-M210-AC AC Adapter for M210 Handheld Label Maker 1.0 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-M210-HC Hard Case for M210 Handheld Label Maker 3.6 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BC-M21-MAGNET Magnet for M21 Label Printers 0.25 lb
Quick Ship
BC-M210-TOOL Multi-Tool for M210 Handheld Label Maker 0.8 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-M210-BATTERY Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack for M210 Handheld Label Maker  
  • Designed for one-handed operation for greater efficiency on the jobsite.
  • Allows you to print on heatshrink tubing using PermaSleeve™ heat shrink sleeves.
  • Wire labeling is made easy using specially designed self- laminating labels.
  • Easy formatting for terminal blocks and patch panels allows you to create instant labeling for wiring closets and enclosures.
  • Dual cutter buttons cuts and holds printed labels until needed.
  • Cartridges load quickly and easily for instant setup.
  • Prints in 6 font sizes to suit your application.
  • Equipped with 80 different symbols for datacom/telecom, as well as general purpose labeling.
  • Functions available for barcoding and automated serialization.
  • Multiple accessories available for greater versatility:
    1. Multi-function accessory with magnet, flashlight
    2. Magnet only accessory allows for one handed operation
    3. Wrist strap to avoid falls
  • Automatic shut-off if not used for 10 minutes to conserve battery power
  • Backwards compatible with IDPal label catridges (BMP™21 Cartridges are recommended for proper functioning)
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Various label types available including:

  • Self-Laminating Vinyl
  • Permasleeve™ Wire Marker Sleeves
  • Nylon Cloth
  • Polyester
  • Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Film
  • Formats and prints easily for:

  • Banner Landscape/Portrait
  • Wire
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Patch Panel
  • Fixed length

    Print Resolution: 203 dpi
    Print Technology: Thermal Transfer
    Application(s): Panel Identification, Facility, Wire & Cable Marking, Data Communications Labeling, General & Industrial Labeling, Safety & Maintenance Identification
    Keyboard: ABC
    Max Labels Per Day: 50 labels/day
    Display: LCD
    Max Label Width: 0.750"
    Max Print Width: N/A
    Max Roll Length: 21'
    Text Sizes: 6 (6 to 40 point font)
    Color Capability: Single Color Printing
    Multi-Line Print: Yes
    Print Rotation: No
    Serialization: Yes
    Bar Code Type: 39 and 128
    PC Connectivity: No
    Peripheral Printing: No
    Stand Alone Printing: Yes
    Connectivity Options: None
    Portability: Yes
    Memory: Last label
    Power Supply: AC Power (optional), 6 AA's
    Materials Supported: Continuous/ 41 Stock parts
    Continuous vs Die Cut Labels: Continuous labels only
    Weight: 1.66 lbs
    Dimensions: 4.5" W x 9.5" L x 2" D


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