3:1 Economical Heat Shrink Tubing

Professional-Grade Polyolefin Tube


What's special about this flame retardant heat shrink tubing?

  • 3 to 1 heat shrink ratio allows it to fit over the end of a large connector, but will still shrink down enough to seal to the cable.
  • Available in several colors, making it easy to match your wiring scheme or color-code cables and connectors.
  • Can be purchased small packages or in bulk spools, so you get as much as you need.
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  • RoHS CompliantULPasses UL VW-1 Flame Test

Our 3:1 heat shrink tubing is an effective way to insulate cables, provide extra strain relief, or professionally finish the ends of wire harnesses. The over-expanded tube slides easily over bulky connectors, and then shrinks down to 33% of its original diameter to fit snugly around both connectors and the wires attached to them. For an extra tight bond, choose adhesive heat shrink, which efficiently and attractively terminates cable snakes, and prevents fraying along the cut edges of expandable braided sleeving. Great for DIY home projects, automotive applications, and much more!

1/16" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N0.06-10FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N0.06-100FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Red,White,Yellow 100'
W3N0.06-500FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Red,White,Yellow 500'
1/8" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N0.13-10FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N0.13-100FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 100'
W3N0.13-500FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 500'
3/16" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N0.19-10FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N0.19-100FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 100'
W3N0.19-250FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 250'
1/4" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N0.25-10FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N0.25-50FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 50'
W3N0.25-100FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 100'
3/8" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N0.38-10FT Black,Blue,Brown,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N0.38-50FT Black,Blue,Brown,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 50'
W3N0.38-100FT Black,Blue,Brown,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 100'
1/2" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N0.50-10FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N0.50-50FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 50'
W3N0.50-100FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 100'
5/8" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N0.63-10FT Black,Blue,Clear,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N0.63-50FT Black,Blue,Clear,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 50'
W3N0.63-100FT Black,Blue,Clear,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 100'
3/4" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N0.75-10FT Black,Blue,Clear,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N0.75-50FT Black,Blue,Clear,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 50'
W3N0.75-100FT Black,Blue,Clear,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 100'
7/8" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N0.88-10FT Black,Clear 10'
W3N0.88-50FT Black,Clear 50'
W3N0.88-100FT Black,Clear 100'
1" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N1.00-10FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N1.00-50FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 50'
W3N1.00-100FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 100'
1-1/4" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N1.25-10FT Black,Clear,Blue,Gray,Red 10'
W3N1.25-50FT Black,Clear,Blue,Gray,Red 50'
W3N1.25-100FT Black,Clear 100'
1-1/2" Diameter
Part # Colors Length Price
W3N1.50-10FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 10'
W3N1.50-50FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 50'
W3N1.50-100FT Black,Blue,Clear,Green,Gray,Orange,Purple,Red,White,Yellow 100'
  • High shrink ratio helps to seal and protect awkwardly-shaped objects with varying diameters.
  • Flame retardant and heat resistant to protect cables against damage from high temperatures.
  • Less than 10% shrinkage in the axial (lengthwise) direction, so you can better estimate the length of material you will need.
  • Passes UL VW-1, CSA OFT, -F- MARK for safety specifications
  • 3:1 Heat Shrink is ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Compliant

    Adhesive Lined Tubing

    The adhesive version of our 3:1 heat shrink features "dual-wall" design, which is made up of an outer polyolefin (heat shrink) tube lined with a interior coating of heat-activated adhesive. During application, as the outer tubing shrinks, the inner layer melts, flows, and then resets when cooled, helping the tubing to achieve a snug, moisture-resistant fit around wire harnesses, cables and connectors. We recommend it for applications that require strain relief, watertight seals, or wire color-coding (for example, to help identify positive and negative battery connections).

    3:1 Heat Shrink Technical Specifications

  • Specifications Sheet PDF

    Minimum Shrink Temperature: 120° C

    Size Expanded Recovered
    Internal Diameter Minimum (D) Internal Diameter Maximum (d) Minimum Total Wall Thickness (t)
    Metric (Inch) In. mm in. mm in. mm
    1.5mm (1/16") 0.059 1.5 0.020 0.5 0.0157 0.40
    3mm (1/8") 0.118 3.0 0.039 1.0 0.0120 0.50
    4.5mm (3/16") 0.177 4.5 0.059 1.5 0.0212 0.54
    6mm (1/4") 0.235 6.0 0.078 2.0 0.0232 0.59
    9mm (3/8") 0.354 9.0 0.118 3.0 0.0268 0.68
    12mm (1/2") 0.472 12.0 0.157 4.0 0.0268 0.68
    18mm (3/4") 0.708 18.8 0.236 6.0 0.0303 0.77
    24mm (1") 0.945 24.0 0.315 8.0 0.0354 0.90
    38mm (1-1/2") 1.496 38.0 0.512 13.0 0.0409 1.04
    50mm (2") 1.969 50.0 0.656 16.7 0.0440 1.25


    Tensile Strength (psi) ASTM D 638 1500 min.
    Elongation (%) ASTM D 638 200 min.
    Specific Gravity ASTM D 792 1.35 max.
    Low Temperature Flexibility -55°C MIL-DTL-23053 no cracking
    Heat Shock 4 hours at 250°C MIL-DTL-23053 no cracking
    Heat Resistance (175°C, 168 hrs.)
    Elongation (%)
    ASTM D638 100 min.
    Secant Modulus (psi) ASTM D 882 2.5 x 10,000 max.
    Longitudinal Change (%) MIL-DTL-23053 +-5
    Dielectric Strength ASTM D 876 500 min.
    Volume Resistivity ASTM D 876 1.0 x 10,000 min.
    Corrosion (175°C, 16hrs) MIL-DTL-23053 no corrosion
    Water Absorption (%) ASTM D 570 0.5 max.
    Fluid Resistance (23°C, 24 hrs.)
    Tensile Strength (psi)
    MIL-I-23053 1000 min.
    Flammability UL 224 VW-1


    Shrink Temperature, Nominal   90°C


    Application (Typical) General Purpose Over Expanded
    Recovery Temperature 90°C
    Flame Retardant YES
    Continuous Operating Temperature -55° to 135°C
    Flexibility Excellent
    Abrasion Resistance Good
    Solvent Resistance Good
    UL Rating & File No. (Subject 224) 125°C, 600V
    VW-1 (Jacket only for dual wall)
    UL Catalog No. 826 Suffix 3X

    Specification reference:
    MIL-I-23053/5 Class 1 and Class 3. MIL-R-46846, Type V
    UL 224 125°C, 600 V, VW-1 File E48762 YDPU2




    LG heat shrinkable and non-shrinkable tubing products do not contain the compound Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate commonly referred to as DEHP.

    In addition, LG heat shrinkable and non-shrinkable tubing products do not contain PFOS (perfluoroctane sulfonate), PFOA (perfluorocanoic acid) or Tinuvin 320.


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    Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)

    The ratio of how much oxygen - as compared to other gases - needs to be present in the air surrounding a particular material in order for that material to burn. The fact that Earth's normal atmospheric air contains around 21% oxygen is used a reference point when materials are classified into burn categories that are based on Limiting Oxygen Index. Substances that are combustible in air containing less than 21% oxygen are considered flammable, while those that burn in the range of anything greater than 21% but less than 28% are typically labeled "slow burning". Any material with an LOI that exceeds 28% is classified as self-extinguishing.

    In the table below, you'll find a list of polymers commonly found in our heat shrink tubing and braided sleeving products, along with their LOIs and the burn categories each falls into.

    ECTFE (Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) Halar 64% Self Extinguishing
    Nomex N/A 28% Slow Burning
    Nylon 6:6 N/A Ranges fron 24-29% Slow Burning to Self Extinguishing
    PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Mylar (film), Dacron (fiber) Ranges from 21-34% Slow Burning to Self Extinguishing
    Polyethylene (PE) N/A 17% Flammable
    Polypropylene (PP) polythene (in the UK) 17% Flammable
    Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Teflon 95% Self Extinguishing
    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) N/A Ranges from 45-49% Self Extinguishing

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