Gamma Bolt Printer Kit


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  • Print & Cut to Your Needs The Gamma Bolt will print and and cut the heat shrink tubing to your specifications. The heat shrink tubing can have text, grayscale images, or both.
  • Small Footprint The Gamma Bolt can easily fit onto a small desk, and that includes having a spool of heat shrink attached on a feeder spool.
  • Print a Variety of Sizes The Gamma Bolt can print on heat shrink tubing ranging from 1/16 of an inch (inner diameter), up to 1 and a half inches (inner diameter).
  • Designed for GMT-321-FLT Our 3 to 1, flattened heat shrink produces the highest quality prints and was designed specifically for printers like our Gamma Bolt. The Gamma Bolt is capable of working with most flattened heat shrink tubing but we only guarantee it to work with our GMT-321-FLT.
  • Easy to Replace Ribbons The Gamma Bolt is designed to make it fast and easy to switch out your printer ribbon so if you need to change the color of your print, or if it’s just time for a new ribbon, you’re not losing valuable time.
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The BOLT is Gamma’s newest addition to its line of printers. No other machine is quite like this one. Not only is the BOLT a strong and durable printer, it is compact, lightweight and priced competitively. This is a thermal transfer printer that pulls shrink tube directly off of a spool, prints on it and cuts it. It is designed to print on our GMT-321-FLT series of shrink sleeves. This machine can print on marking sleeves that range from 1/16” ID to 1.5” ID. The prints are clear and crisp. There is no other printer package on the market that is a better value when it comes to the machine or the marker sleeves that come along with it. There are many advantages to an inline shrink tube printer. First there is the versatility of what kind of label you want to make. You can make labels 1/2-inch length and up. No more cutting bandolier shrink tube labels by hand or wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars on wasted marker sleeves after you open your print head or start new jobs.

Printer Kit
Part # Description Price
GM-BOLT-KIT Gamma Bolt Printer Kit
Manufacturer Direct

PRINT SPEED: up to 4” per second

PRINTABLE RESOLUTION: 300 DPI prints (12 dots per mm)

PRINTER SIZE: 8 (W) x 7.75 (H) x 11.5 (D) inches

KIT INCLUDES: Gamma Bolt Shrink Printer, 2.5" x 164" White Resin Ribbon Core, 3:1 3/4" Black Polyolefin Heatshrink, and Label Software

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