's Top 9 Products for Fire Protection

BY: Christina Hansen


Okay, our name may scream “cable organization products”, but the truth is, is also your comprehensive, one-stop shop for fire protection solutions! We carry a wide variety of firestop products from Abesco and 3M™ to cover all of your through-penetration fire safety needs. Have a look through our list of favorites…you’re sure to find the perfect firestop product for your application somewhere in the “CableOrganizer Ten”!


  1. 3M™ Fire Barrier Composite Sheets:
    Firestop 3M™ Fire Barrier CS-195Whether you’re adding firestop measures to a new construction or need to retrofit an existing building, the 3M™ Fire Barrier C-195+ Composite Sheet is an ideal choice when your application calls for large penetration seals in fire-rated walls and floors. Also great as heat shielding around cable trays, ducts and conduit, this offering from 3M™ is easy to install and re-enter. This remarkable composite sheet is lightweight and only 7.62mm thick, but don’t let that fool you…when flames rage, the CS-195+ intumesces (expands) up to 10 times its original size and forms a hard char that is capable of providing up to 4 hours of fire protection!

  2. Fire Protection 3M™ Fire Barrier Pillow3M™ Fire Barrier Pillows:
    For blank openings and cable tray penetrations through fire-rated structures, trust effective and easy-to-install Fire Barrier Pillows from 3M™, available at Under fire conditions, these intumescent pillows not only expand, but also lock into place, providing 3 hours of fire protection. 3M™ Fire Barrier Pillows don’t contain graphite or wire mesh, and are UL-classified as Fill, Void and Cavity material.

  3. Abesco FP200 Expanding Foam:
    Abesco FP200 Foam adheres easily to almost any building material, and once it’s cured forms a strong, semi-rigid seal that moisture can’t affect and age won’t break down. Terrific for filling in the gaps in through-penetration firestop assemblies, FP200 foam is especially compatible with another great Abesco product on our Top 10 list: the CT120 Cable Transit System. Abesco FP200 is UL-classified for 1-2 hours of fire protection, and is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a versatile and easy to install solution for maintaining the integrity of your firestop system.

  4. Abesco CP310 Fire Rated Acrylic Intumescent CaulkAbesco CP310 FR Intumescent Caulk:
    If you’re looking to fill the gaps in places where power and data cables, ducts, pipes or conduit penetrate through fire-rated walls and floors, halogen-free CP310 FR Intumescent Caulk from Abesco will do the trick every time. This product is cost-effective and simple to install, and cures in just a little over an hour to create a durable and flexible seal that is UL-classified to prevent the spread of flame and smoke for 1-2 hours under fire conditions.

  5. 3M™ Water-Based Caulks and Sealants:
    3M™ Fire Barrier IC 15WB SealantFire Barrier CP 25WB+ Caulk and Fire Barrier IC 15WB Sealant from 3M™ are premium latex-based elastomeric solutions that intumesce (expand) to secure cable, duct, conduit and pipe penetrations through fire-rated structures against the spread of flames, smoke and noxious fumes. These halogen-free formulas adhere well to virtually any building material, require no mixing before use, can be easily installed with a variety of basic tools, and can even stand up to the forces of gravity: they won’t drip or sag if applied to walls and ceilings! 3M’s water-based caulks and sealants are UL-classified, and can be painted after a 72-hour curing time.

  6. 3M™ FireDam™ Spray 200:
    Whether you need to seal through-penetration firestop systems or the joints between fire-rated walls and floors, super fast-drying FireDam™ Spray 200 by 3M™ is an effective and easy-to-install choice for any application that requires you to cover a lot of ground. This UL-listed, water based spray is very flexible, will bond with virtually any construction material, and provides up to 4 hours of fire protection. Applied with an airless sprayer, a 3mm-thick coat of FireDam™ Spray 200 becomes tack-free in 4 hours, dries completely in 24 hours, and is paintable when cured.
  7. 3M™ Silicone Sealants:
    With the 3M™ line of high-performance, UL-listed silicone sealants, all of your building-construction firestop needs are covered! Fire Barrier 1000NS is a watertight, non-slump, flexible solution for covering seams and filling gaps in penetration firestop assemblies. The also-watertight Fire Barrier 1003SL  is a self-leveling sealant that’s been designed specifically for floor applications, and helps to maintain the integrity of fire-rated floors with through-penetrations. 3M’s™ Fire Barrier 2000 Silicone Sealant has a 4-hour fire protection rating, is ideal for sealing basic, small-scale penetrations, and can be easily re-entered or repaired.

  8. Fire Caulk 3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar:
    If electrical or mechanical-penetration firestopping is the order of the day, opt for ready to mix, asbestos- and MMMF-free 3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar. This product offers a wide range of mix ratios and installation options, and while it’s extremely durable, 3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar can actually be re-entered without the use of power tools! The mortar is reinforced with polypropylene fibers to reduce cracking, is UL-listed, and is rated for 2 hours of fire exposure (3 hours in Canada).
  9. Abesco CT120 Cable Transit:
    firestop, cable transitSo, you say that you need to route cables through fire rated walls and floors, but don’t want the hassle of cutting firestop materials to size and working intumescent putty into your cable bundles at every single penetration point along the way. has the perfect no-mess, no-cut solution: the CT120 Cable Transit system from Abesco. This all-in-one firestop product consists of a round or square 22-gauge stainless steel sleeve, which is lined with a graphite-based intumescent material that does double duty: it holds cables firmly in place (without crushing them), and when exposed to fire it expands and forms a tough char that is UL-classified to keep smoke, flame and gases from traveling between rooms for 1-2 hours. And installation of Abesco’s CT120 is a snap: simply fill with cables, insert into the through-penetration gap, and seal the outer edge with fire-rated caulk (we recommend CP310 FR Intumescent Caulk, also by Abesco).