Spend Money to Save Money: Smart Investments That Will Help You Survive the Recession

By: CableOrganizer®

In times of recession and inflation, we’re all looking for ways to cut costs and save money wherever we can. While clipping coupons and bargain hunting can be a big help, sometimes it is essential to make small investments in technology that trims some excess expenditures, whether that is limiting electricity consumption or cancelling unnecessary services.
CableOrganizer® offers a variety of items that fit the money-saving bill. Read on to find out how these smart products can save you money the long run.




When was the last time that elegant lighting also saved you money? Start enjoying beautiful lighting and lower electrical bills with the Leviton® Vizia RF+™ Designer Light Dimmers. These dimmers provide dramatic lighting effects and an energy saving mode that lengthens the life of your bulbs, lowering energy consumption and utility costs. Lights are automatically programmed to a level of brightness that you would like with the Preset On Level feature. Dimmers overall can subtly tone down the intensity of lights, causing them to consume less energy. Vizia RF+™ dimmers have a clean, sleek-looking design that is incredibly easy to use, providing you with a choice of full-range light settings. The Vizia RF+™ digital circuitry also gives you the flexibility to manually dim and brighten the lights — or set them in an energy-saving mode that controls their maximum brightness and power consumption.




eco - ups

This uninterruptable power system protects valuable electronic equipment from blackouts, brownouts and transient surges. Its built-in outlets shut down computer accessories that are not being used, turning off a computer’s speakers for example when it is off. It has a lesser environmental impact that other UPS systems because the Tripp Lite Energy Savings ECO Series UPS System uses less electricity.







Nothing runs up the electricity bills like forgetting to turn the lights off but you can still save money even when you forget, thanks to the Decora® Occupancy Sensor light switch from Leviton®. This affordable sensor switch simply cuts down on the amount of power wasted by automatically turning off the lights when it no longer detects movement in the room.

It gives you the option to manually switch power on and off at any time and this motion sensor. This lets you control how much electricity and money you would like to save, with choices of how long the lights will remain on. They stay illuminated for either 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes.




smart strip

Known as “vampire electronics” because of how they suck power even when not in use, many peripheral devices in your home and office are bleeding your budget dry as well. Luckily, products like the SmartStrip Power Saving Surge Protector are putting an end to the waste.

When the SmartStrip detects that a main device (for example, a TV in a home theater setup or a computer) has been turned off, it automatically cuts power to that device’s peripherals. As a result, the average home can save as much as 260 watts of electricity per hour, or trim 113 Kilowatts per month from its utility bill.




power meter

Ever wondered how much power your home is consuming at any given moment? Well now you can stop guessing, thanks to the Kill A Watt™ Electricity Power Meter. This tool lets you assess your electrical appliances to show how much power each is using in kilowatt hours. It can provide a cost forecast and help you cut your electric bills, calculating projected expenses per appliance by the day, week, month or year.







Do you sometimes struggle with powering things down in your house because they are inconvenient to unplug? This is where Treemote® Christmas Tree and Electrical Device Remote steps in. This special system enables you to plug an item into a special outlet that attaches to your regular outlet. You can then switch it on and off with the Treemote® from as far as 80 feet away. It saves you the stress and possibility of injury of having to unplug a difficult item, whether it is your Christmas Tree lights or any other light fixture in your house that may be a challenge to turn on and off. When something requires a lot of effort to unplug or turn off, it may not always be used or turned off. Treemote® is an energy saver, allowing items to be switched off with ease.



Choose from many more electrical supplies at CableOrganizer® including switches, surge protectors, power strips and other items.

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