Easy Steps for Protecting Hoses from Traffic

BY: CableOrganizer.com


Protecting your hoses from traffic is important. It keeps the hoses safe from abuse and damage while also protecting persons and vehicles that might cross the hose's path. Whether you're in an industrial, commercial, or public setting, you can take simple steps to protect your hoses without spending a lot of time or money.  Here are some quick tips to get started.

Potential Hose Hazards

drop over cable cover, hose protectorWhen hoses are left in the open, there are many potential hazards. One, the weather - high temperatures or UV exposure, extreme cold, and water - can cause the hose to become weak and burst.  Second, the hose can be worn by traffic passing through from vehicles such as cars, forklifts, tractors, and even wheelchairs.  Third, the hose can easily be moved and cause tripping if not secure in place.  These are only a few possible dangers.


Observe the Area

Before taking steps to protect your hoses from traffic, consider the area and the type of activities that take place in that area.  Take note of the temperature (indoors or outdoors), amount of moisture, types of vehicles, etc.  Also, consider the type of surface where the hose is situated. Is it ground, cement flooring, wood, plastic, or metal?  How will you secure the hose protection device to ensure lasting safety?  These all will help you determine the best route to protect the hose.

Products for Protecting Hoses from Traffic
There are numerous products on the market today that are made just for protecting hoses from traffic. They are designed to withstand tremendous weight and pressure while also keeping the hose safe from other outside hazards. The first thing to consider is the channel system. Hose protection devices come with channels for two to five hoses, depending on your needs. Your hose fits snugly into the channel and is enclosed in a sort of casing to ensure protection all around.

When vehicles or people travel over the hose protection device, the hose is safely secure underneath. The hose will not be smashed, torn, or exposed to other types of pressure. 

Protecting Hoses from Foot Traffic
If you need to run a hose or cable through an area where there is light foot traffic, such as at indoor conventions or other special events, the Bumble Bee cable protector might be the answer.  It works great for slow-moving light vehicles such as wheelchairs, bikes, or motor scooters. It also works well for foot traffic.

Protecting Hoses from Heavy-Duty Traffic
For heavy-duty traffic resistance, Yellow Jacket cable protectors are a great choice.  These weight-enduring protectors can keep hoses safe under tremendous pressure from heavy vehicles.  They are available in different sizes and strengths to meet the requirements for industrial or commercial settings.  Forklifts, tractors, and cars are no match for these protectors.

Protecting Hoses during High Traffic Events
If you need to protect your hoses during a festive event such as a carnival, county fair, sports event, or outdoor convention, there are Linebacker General Purpose cord protectors.  These have a 21,000 pound load capacity, and yet, are practical for almost any public event where there's heavy foot or car traffic.


More than Traffic Protection

modular custom bridge systemSeek products that offer more than just traffic protection. Hoses can also be harmed in other ways and become worn or torn easily.  Before choosing a hose protection device, seek those products that protect in more ways than one. For example, the Linebacker General Purpose cord protector not only protects from traffic, but also insulates the hoses or cords, keeps them protected from weathering, and gives very high visibility with bright safety colors.  Be sure the device protects from abrasion, UV exposure, electric shock, temperature, and corrosion.

Before hiding hoses at your plant or event, consider the above tips for hose protection. Keep your hoses and your guests or workers safe!

Other Great Products for Protecting Hoses Include: