How to Keep Cables Organized in Outdoor Settings

By: CableOrganizer®

Cable management in outdoor settings is important for numerous reasons. It is imperative to choose products for wire organization that can safeguard wiring from the environment it is in. Chosen items need to maintain cable performance in the outdoors.

The first factor that may come to mind when defending cables outside is the weather. Wires, cables, and hoses outside are exposed to fluctuations year-round that may include ultraviolet (UV) light, high and low temperature extremes, rain, wind, and snow.

Safety is another factor that can influence cable cover protection choices outside. Loose cables can become a trip hazard or potentially increase the risk of electrocution. This point leads to functionality, which when wires are properly managed, they work correctly too. It is also easier to maintain and expand on wires that are organized and labeled. Cables tend to have a longer lifespan when they are preserved in the right way.

Another positive with outdoor cable management is aesthetics. There is a nicer appearance to areas with covered wires, cables, and hoses, whether on a residential or commercial property.

Other threats can impact wires and necessitate extra care, including wildlife, which may inadvertently jostle or purposely chew on them.

What are some of the product types recommended for various outdoor cable organization applications?



extension cords

One cannot rely on an indoor extension cord when extra power is required outside. It is important to use an item that can withstand the elements, especially moisture. The Cord Runner™ has three outlets every 8 feet that illuminate when plugged in, making it known power is running through them. It comes in 6-foot and 25-foot lengths. This extension cord is insulated for the elements and comes with a weather-resistant closure to keep out dirt, debris, and water. The Cool Colors outdoor extension cord from Southwire® is both UV and water resistant — and available in an array of neon colors.




Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) can shut down power in the event of an overcurrent. These GFCI plugs and cord sets are rainproof, while providing outdoor power in different configurations.



outdoor cabinets

Cables and electrical components can be protected from harsh elements with outdoor cabinets. Wall mount cabinets keep items safe from dust, dirt, rain, wind, UV rays, extreme temperatures, chemicals, and more. There are outdoor fiber optic enclosures as well that safeguard applications from moisture, weather, dust, theft, and more, within weathertight enclosures.



outlet cover

The Dri-Box® from Arlington® is a cover that fits onto an existing outlet, whether outdoor standard duplex or GFCI, sheltering them from the elements. It additionally meets lockout/tagout requirements with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).




This lighting and bracket is designed to work outside, providing supplemental brightness to increase security at a home or business. The photocell technology turns lights on and off automatically, without worrying about cords presenting a trip hazard.



cable ties

This traditional wire organization item can become brittle after exposure to elements for a significant amount of time — or extreme weather. There are many types of zip ties, however, designed to withstand the outdoors. One of them is this Panduit® 14.5-inch-long cable tie, constructed for weather resistance. Panduit® also makes a 24.4-inch-long metal barb cable tie. It is built to withstand UV and weather resistance, with a stainless steel locking barb to further secure cabling. The Techflex® UV Resistant Nylon Cable Tie is another option. It is both heat and abrasion resistant, as well as semi-releasable to allow for multiple uses. Metal cable ties are another cable management champion, often able to hold up under even the harshest of weather conditions, as well as when wires are buried underground.



braided sleeving

Some braided sleeving types are constructed for the outdoor elements. Abrasion resistant sleeving comes in regular, split loom, and wrap types for various applications and conditions. Flexo® Rodent Resistant can protect outdoor cables from chewing critters, whether in an engine, around a home, or at a commercial property. It is UV resistant, expands to 150%, and can withstand temperature extremes between -94°F to 257°F (-70°C to 125°C). Gator Wrap® is one of the heavy duty options that withstands high drag conditions outside, with it spark, water, tear, puncture, and petroleum resistant. Turtle Wrap® is also known for its abrasion resistance, and can repel saltwater, chemicals, sparks, and heat from wires. Gorilla Sleeve® is impervious to abrasion, vibration, rot, and fungus. Battle Braid® and F6® Battle Wrap are two sleeving products especially useful in armoring EV wires, including electric vehicle charging cables. The orange color is customarily used to color code and identify high voltage, battery-powered vehicle wires. Battle Braid® provides impact and puncture resistance, while F6® Battle Wrap does the same but in a split tube design to wrap around existing harnesses and cables, which facilitates easy maintenance and repairs.



hook & loop

Wraps like those by RIP-TIE® are reusable options for outdoor cables. These come in a range of sizes from the perforated RipWrap™ to the Heavy Duty Cinch Strap-EG. Cable Carrier has a carabiner to hook cables to shelving, racks, or other places.



wire gaurd

The WireTrak® wire guard indoor/outdoor vertical cable cover shields upright wires and cables with high-impact PVC. It can additionally cover them to camouflage from UV rays, snow, and rain.



cord cover

Cable cover protection is essential for cables and hoses crossing sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and other outdoor locations where they may traverse. It eliminates trip hazards, while defending wires from the potential of being crushed. The type chosen depends on what cables and wires are subjected to. Some light capacity cord cover may be suitable for outside use, like the Defender® Mini Cord Cover. It keeps wires in channels to buffer them against pedestrians, trolleys, and light vehicles. Medium capacity cord cover provides even greater durability in shielding wiring against pedestrians and some vehicular traffic. The Defender® Compact Cord Cover can safeguard cables up to 400 pounds. High capacity cable covers are typically comprised of multi-channel protectors. Elasco features a glow in the dark cord cover to increase visibility in parking lots and at special events, holding a full charge up to 12 hours after it exposure to 10 seconds of natural sunlight. Cable ramps can be configured to comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). CableOrganizer® offers wire-protecting wheelchair, cart, and stroller accessible ramps.

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