How to Build a Custom Cable Management System for Your PC

By: CableOrganizer®

You can improve your PC with specialized cable management whether you pull it out of a box or construct it yourself. Organized cables and wires don’t just make everything look better — your computer’s airflow may be bolstered. Covering the wires can additionally limit dust from settling. Lastly, cable management makes sense to simplify system maintenance and upgrades.

The scenarios for every PC installation are unique and differ based on a room’s configuration, along with the placement of the computer on a desk or table. In essence, each cable management arrangement is customized, with a diverse array of organizational items available below that you may like to use for your setup.



cable ties

Some experts like to start with cable ties to tame small wires, fitted to size and then trimmed back with a flush cutter to remove sharp edges. Look for tie down points within your computer where you can loop cable ties through. Group cables that align best together and then strap them into these locations. Keep items within the computer’s case flush to help them fit. Zip ties should be fitted loosely around wire bundles until you have them in place, at which time you can tighten them. One-time-use zip ties can, however, be unforgiving because they may overtighten a cable jacket — or you may accidentally snip a wire if you must cut the tie. VELCRO® Hook and Loop Wraps and Fasteners can be a preferred solution should you need to change out wires, would like to keep cable slack gently secured, if you plan to add wires, or to perform maintenance on them.




One of the other pro tips with managing smaller bundles within your PC is to tuck these cable assemblies behind larger wire runs. We recommend braided sleeving to keep bundles of every size neat and organized. Standard sleeving like Flexo® PET Expandable Braided Sleeving is perfect if you’re building wire assemblies from scratch. It expands up to 150% to cover oversized connectors. Flexo® PET comes in a generous array of color choices, should you like to create a particular vibe for your wires. If you are seeking both function and style, Flexo® PET is an ideal solution for cable beautification. Some people prefer using a basic black sleeve or even the Black Magic sleeving color, if they’d like sleeving with a purple undertone. Others may opt for patterned sleeving with unique color combinations. Metal and shielding sleeving help to reduce different types of electromagnetic interference that could impede the transmission of data. Should you need sleeving to wrap around existing bundles, another choice is Flexo® F6 Semi-Rigid Braided Sleeving — a flexible but sturdy sleeving that can cover longer cable runs too.



desk management

What are some suggestions for PC cable management behind, under, or around your workstation? You should have something to comfortably accommodate your PC and keep wires organized. One solution could be investing in a specialized computer workstation itself. CableOrganizer® has several, including the Kendall Howard® Computer WorkBench, which is a modular system available in a few different sizes.

Computer mounts and kits can keep a CPU off the floor and eliminate desktop clutter. Desk outlets and grommets are useful in organizing external computer wiring, whether you choose a removable or permanent one. You may prefer under desk basket cable trays from WireRun® to neatly organize PC power cables. These trays are useful for housing surge protectors. The Cable-Safe™ Complete Cable Manager clamps onto your desk or table, allowing you to custom design a wire organization system. Cable raceways like the J channel and locking channel raceways, keep computer wires secure along flooring, walls, and furniture.




Curated desk management kits from CableOrganizer® are another way to go. These feature various solutions for a single desk, one office, or multiple offices. Each of these kits come with different products to arrange PC wires. The kits have a built-in cost saving versus purchasing items within them separately. Should you need a cable and wire management kit for the interior of your computer, CableOrganizer® has cable tie kits with 800 or 1,500 pieces. Heat shrink tubing kits can be used too to protect computer wiring. This kit comes with assorted colors and tubing sizes, plus F6® Braided Sleeving.

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