9 Powerful Products to Keep Your Business Growing During Times of Inflation or Recession

By: CableOrganizer®

A business needs to have fluid strategies to offset financial challenges. There are products that can help weather the storms of inflation and recession — both periods to clamp down on spending. In fact, keeping a sound strategy is beneficial even in prosperous financial times, not only to increase profit margins, but to stay ready to face trying times head on. CableOrganizer® has products designed specifically to reduce overhead costs, increase workplace safety, and protect your equipment and facilities. When one of these factors is out of order, it can impact your company’s budget and bottom line. The innovative and dynamic products featured in this article could be exactly what you need to keep your company flourishing in all fiscal circumstances.


leviton occupancy

Getting ahead economically can be tough when you continually need to pick up the tab for electricity wasted around the office. If employees rarely remember to turn out the lights when going home for the night — or when exiting restrooms, conference rooms, and break areas — this is the perfect time for your company to take energy conservation back into its own hands. The Decora® Manual ON Occupancy Sensor from Leviton uses Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) that senses human movement within a room, as soon as the lights are switched on. The sensor can be set to automatically turn off the lights when motion is no longer detected, using one of several time increments: 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes.


panther printer

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can identify a cable by its label. In the world of networks, the faster you can identify cables when troubleshooting, the better. Network downtime can mean lost information and lost sales… in other words, lost money. The PanTher™ LS8/LS8EQ Label Maker by Panduit® is an IT-friendly label printer that enables your technical team to recover your company's network as quickly as possible, by labeling communications cabling and patch cords. It is designed specifically with server rooms and telecom closets in mind. The PanTher™ LS8/LS8EQ Label Maker can tackle high-volume print jobs on tape-style, die cut, heat shrinkable, and self-laminating labels. This portable printer is sized to fit the hand, so it can be easily carried to any location where it's needed, then attached to a PC or laptop via USB, to import label data.


neat patch

Patch cord management probably isn't something you've given much thought to, but for those tech geniuses on your staff (you know, the ones we like to call "IT guys"), the difference between server racks draped in tangled waterfall-like cable formations and those that are arranged in tidy rows, can make or break technical emergencies that may arise. Trying to find and fix a problem in a network with cables snarled beyond recognition is nightmarish at best, not to mention a significant time waster. But there's a bright side and that is the Neat-Patch®. This cable storage system rack mounts horizontally between patch panels, providing a space within your server rack where excess patch cord length can be neatly looped up and hidden. The system is based on the use of two-foot patch cords. These are just long enough to connect one patch panel to the next, while creating a single bend-radius loop, which is nestled into the Neat-Patch® channel. Once all the port cycles have been completed, you simply snap on its cover. This leaves you with rows of tidy, perfectly traceable patch panel connections, with no visible cable slack left behind.



When you run cables all the way from your conference table to in-wall power outlets and data ports, it looks messy, can obstruct walkways, and may create tripping hazards for meeting attendees. Transform your boardroom into a safer and more professional-looking environment with a tabletop power and data center solution like the FSR T3U-3 Tilt Up Table Top Box. This multiple access solution is custom tailored for your company’s needs, accommodating data, power, and AV connections into a low-profile, compact footprint. It is easily installed into any table surface between ¾ to 2 ¾ inches thick, with it suitable for offices, meeting rooms, conference tables, classrooms, and computer labs. This unit is outfitted with four duplex receptacles and comes with a 9-inch NEMA 5-20 SJ cordset. The FSR T3U-3 Tilt Up Table Top Box is available in four different finishes to coordinate with nearly any surface and décor, including black, brushed brass, brushed bronze, and brushed nickel styles.


omnismart ups

Computer downtime can impact your bottom line in several ways. It will first hinder your staff’s ability to work. A power outage or surge can additionally effect the servers, computers, peripherals, and other technology your business relies on. This commercial-grade UPS (uninterruptible power supply) from Tripp Lite has an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that keeps you and your employees working indefinitely, even through brownout conditions, while its consistent battery power maintains your systems during short blackouts. It further preserves equipment in order to safely shut systems down, rather than when it turns off suddenly, which can potentially damage sensitive electronics. This UPS also keeps unattended systems safe during extended blackouts. It comes with Faraday-shielding isolation transformers that block electromagnetic fields (EMF). This built-in surge suppression additionally has a $200,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance that protects systems against damage.


smart strip

Ever heard of vampire electronics? They're electronic devices like computer monitors, printers, and the office coffee machine, that constantly "sucks" small amounts of electrical current, even when they're not in use. Financially speaking, they're bleeding you dry by driving up your overhead costs. Now is the time to fight back without garlic, a wooden stake, or silver bullets — all you need is a Smart Strip Advanced Power Strip. What sets the Smart Strip apart from others on the market? In addition to diverting excess voltage from power surges, and spikes away from sensitive electronics, the Smart Strip is capable of sensing when a main device — such as your computer — has been turned off. Once it knows that shutdown has occurred, it automatically cuts power to any attached idle peripheral devices, so they don't waste valuable electricity. These energy savers have an adjustable current-sensing circuit that can cut energy costs, while minimizing loss and damage. It also comes with a $30,000 Connected Equipment Warranty Protection plan, to safeguard against the failure and destruction of your valuable electronics.


MACURCO™ detector

If your business includes a warehouse, manufacturing facility, auto service center, garage, or enclosed parking area, you need to guard your employees, customers, and yourself from the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO), and other gases. Any environment that contains vehicles, machinery, or fixtures that burn natural gas, wood, or petroleum-based fuels, has the potential to accumulate unsafe levels of this invisible, tasteless, odorless, deadly substance — a byproduct of incomplete combustion. The Macurco™ Detection and Ventilation Control Panel is a cost-effective solution because it reduces energy by activating exhaust fans only when gas levels are detected. This is a way to maintain building codes, while extending the life of your equipment, because fans are not run unnecessarily. It also allows the user control over the fan speeds, to meet specifications and building codes. The unit centrally controls three ventilation zones that can handle up to 12 carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, or combustible gas detectors.


invid tech

Keeping your workplace secure makes it safer for your employees, equipment, and building. It may even result in a discount with your company’s insurance provider. An InVid Tech monitor can help safeguard both office and retail locations. This 21.5-inch monitor works for all your video surveillance and security applications. It has full high-definition quality at 1920X1080 resolution, with a 16.7 million color capacity. The bright LED illuminating panel has a 178° viewing angle. This monitor is equipped for HDMI®, VGA, and BNC inputs, as well as BNC outputs. It is VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mount compatible for wall or stand mounting.


cable safe

If you want your office to look clean and organized during visits from prospective clients, don't rely on a handful of employees to straighten out your office spaces. Getting every single desk ship-shape and clutter free is easier than you think. You just need the Cable-Safe™ Professional Installer Kit. Packing enough punch to organize the cables, power strips, and USB hubs for up to 15 workstations, these kits work their magic by lifting small components and excess cord length off the floor, so under-desk spaces can remain neat, clean, and wide-open. It can be customized based on a desk’s configuration. The Cable-Safe™ can manage up to 14 cables, with sets recommended to manage more complex areas. When you tidy a workplace, it benefits it in multiple ways, including aesthetics, employee morale, reduction of tripping hazards, ease of cleaning the office, and protection of your equipment.

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