Neat Patch Cable System

The Complete Patch Cord Management Panel for Racks & Enclosures


What's special about the Neat Patch panel rack cable management system?

  • 4 cable entry knockouts with grommets for even easier cable management.
  • Promotes bend radius compliance
  • Provides more patch cable storage than anyone else.
  • Price-competitive with other leading horizontal cable management brands.
  • One-piece, non-conductive molded plastic design doesn't require grounding and won't cause electrical issues.
  • Far more protective and aesthetically-pleasing than the alternatives.
  • Excess patch cable length is stored inside of the Neat-Patch.
  • Makes patch cables easier to trace between patch panels and network components.
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Neat Patch is the ultimate in patch panel rack cable management system - a storage solution unlike anything the network cabling world has ever known. Its unique design enables network installers and IT techs to store excess patch cable length in a neat and tidy compartment that installs discretely (and discreetly!) between patch cable distribution panels. Instead of stuffing patch cord slack into finger duct, the end user simply coils the excess and slides it into place. Neat Patch panel rack is compliant with telecom/datacom industry standards, and supports proper bend radius requirements.

Part # IMG Description Width Height Depth Specifications Weight Price
Q-NP2 Neat Patch Cable System Q-NP2 Neat Patch Cable Management Unit (2U) 19" 3.5" 8.875" Extends from front rail 3-1/8" 2 lbs
Quick Ship
Q-NP2K624 Neat Patch Cable System Q-NP2K624 Neat Patch Cable Management KIT w/ QTY (24) 2 FT CAT6 Certified Patch Cables 19" 3.5" 8.875" Extends from front rail 3-1/8" 5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Q-NP2K648 Neat Patch Cable System Q-NP2K648 Neat Patch Cable Management KIT w/ QTY (48) 2 FT CAT6 Certified Patch Cables 19" 3.5" 8.875" Extends from front rail 3-1/8" 8 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • For the first time ever, cable installers can dress and cover terminations directly within rack space with a simple, snap-on cover.
  • By using 2-foot patch cords to create 48 port cycles, Neat-Patch allows you to store single-coil circuits right in the rack, instead of down the sides.

    Neat Patch saves Cable Installers and IT managers time and money by eliminating the clutter and expense of unnecessarily long patch cords. You'll find that our shorter, space-efficient patch cables require no vertical management. With Neat-Patch, the only reason that you'd use vertical cable management would be to fiber-link network switches.

    Specification Drawing

    dimensional drawing for NP2 Neat Patch
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    Can you buy the cover plates only? - We have this product but we are missing the covers. Are these available to purchase separately?

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    • - Thank you for your question. The manufacturer does not offer this option, however, we might be able to help out, give us a call at 866-222-0030.

      Fernando M. on 04.14 PM Monday, 20 April, 2015

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