Helpful Tips for Powering Multiple Devices in a Small Area

By: CableOrganizer®

Finding enough electrical outlets for all the items you have in your home or office is sometimes difficult. Many times, the area is so small that placing a power outlet or extension cord is out of the question. Whether the limited space is in your home or office, there are solutions for providing power to your devices.



If you’re powering up electronics at home — or even if you run a small business — CableOrganizer® has solutions that can help you to organize your electronics, which keeps both your business and life running smoothly and stress-free each day.

We carry multi-tasking surge protectors, charging stations, power extension cords, removeable desk outlets and USB power sources, that serve double duty to safely connect your devices, while untangling the wires in your small space.

When every cable has its own place in your home or office, it helps to streamline your life, transforming your electronic living and work environments into more orderly and productive spaces.

For powering multiple devices in your home or office, CableOrganizer® boasts an array of power strip and extension choices. We can help you find mounting devices for easy placement on your wall, desk or another surface, to help you manage your small space.

high density

The Lan Station Power Strip offers 16 outlets for small and multi-function workspaces that require both state-of-the-art protection, and safe and consistent power. The 48-inch-long product comes with assembly hardware and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Need to power up multiple pieces of equipment to run your home theater system? The design of the High Density Slim Power Strip is an amazing performer that can accommodate up to eight outlets.

Grouper™ 6 Outlet Surge Protector transforms a two-outlet wall into seven outlets. It is equipped with a 15-foot cord and is designed with a keyhole slot for easy mounting onto desks, walls and other surfaces.

The more complex Vertical Lacer Strips offer unique surge protection, with a perforated design to integrate ties and provide for thermal management and proper airflow.

Looking for an energy-saving surge protector? The Smart Strip Advanced Power Strips may slash your energy costs by up to $30 annually.


Increase your power and save space at the same time with a Power Strip Liberator. This item makes it easier for you to organize bulky adaptors that wouldn’t normally be able to fit together on the power strip. Multiple Power Strip Liberators can plug into one strip simultaneously and then channel power to the adaptor. The liberators come in varying lengths, with flat liberators an option. This product can double as an extension cord for cables that are not able to reach an outlet. Liberators can be used in your home or office, and even in your garage. Some Power Strip Liberators are available with several per pack. There is additionally the “Y” Power Strip Liberator, which accommodates two adaptors at the same time.

CableOrganizer® additionally carries several options for powerstrips and surge protectors. For peace of mind, it’s best practice to make sure that your valuable electronics remain safe when there’s a power surge. A surge protector briefly ceases power, while a suppressor regulates power when a surge occurs. These are available to integrate multiple outlets and different lengths of cord.

One power source that provides targeted electronic control is the 7-Outlet Surge Protector with Individual Switches. This unique item comes with seven outlets, each equipped with its own on-off switch, plus a main switch to fully shut down the entire strip.

360 elec

The CableOrganizer® selection of 360 Electrical® PowerCurve® and Revolve Surge Protectors accommodates tight areas where electronic devices with varying sized charger blocks are able to share the same charging space. These surge protectors have rotating features that can charge a range of devices together with ease.

Tripp-Lite® Desk Mount Clamp-on Surge Protector is a removable outlet with six AC and two USB outlets, that clamps onto and detaches easily from your desk.

Removeable desk outlets are another way to bring a source of power to your workspace or a table, with the outlet resting on the surface or attaching to a desk temporarily without tools.

The Bluetooth® Speaker and Power Desk Outlet provides a hands-free, conference calling experience, along with power and USB-charging capabilities. The item can sit on or clip to a desk or table without tools. The Bluetooth® speaker provides optimal sound quality for conversations or to enjoy background music while you’re working.

CableOrganizer® also specializes in a range of space-saving, USB-charging solutions. A Black Box USB Hub is a compact product that connects a maximum of four peripheral devices to a computer, including digital cameras, removeable drives, scanners and other USB-powered technology.

5-port USB

The 5-Port USB Charger provides 40 watts of power from an eight-ounce, impressive device that easily stores in a bag or case. It is portable and perfect for travel.

USB Squid Hub boasts four USB ports in a tentacle-style design that can connect cameras, MP3 Players, flash memory, and other devices closely and simultaneously without cord clutter.




Cable management is an important — and often overlooked — part of home or office organization. Managing your cables can help to eliminate the use of multiple outlets and save space on your countertops, desks and floors. This is especially important in a small space where there could be fewer outlets available and limited space overall.

The many products we have available are designed to organize the cables in your home or office. CableOrganizer® specializes in an array of wraps, clips and clamps that can effectively contain cables in small spaces.


For cables that have to be unplugged often, the Self-Adjusting Organizer comes in handy. By placing your cables in the organizer, when you need to unhook them, they will stay in place and not fall behind the desk or shelf. The organizer can be mounted to furniture, such as an office desk. It can also be adhered to walls — and even equipment — to keep your loose cables in place and give you that extra space you need.


A clever device for hiding cable excess is the Cable Turtle. It comes in a large size that can be placed under your desk for larger cables and a small size for use on your desktop for keyboard, mouse or phone cables.

Cable Manager is one way to keep cable bundles in several sizes effectively harnessed, with the ability to remove contained cables in seconds. The product also allows a person to consistently wrap and unwrap cords from the unit, without the product’s coil losing its shape.

cable clip

There are even ways to tame cables for small devices, including cell phones, MP3 Players and digital cameras. BlueLounge® CableClips™ keep small cables of this type neatly organized and ready to go.

A Cable (label) allows cables to be wound with a write-on area to identify the cable. Each set of eight Cable(label) winders can affordably and effectively organize data, A/V or power adapter cables.


CableOrganizer® provides many solutions to organize your small space and life. We have power sources and ways to manage the multiple electronic devices you use daily in your home and office.

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