Bluetooth Speaker and Power Desk Outlet

Try a Bluetooth speaker instead of a bulky telephone with a tangle of wires in your conference room


What's Special about the Bluetooth Speaker Desk Outlet?

  • One touch pairing LED indicator lights for fast intuitive connection.
  • Smaller than traditional conference calling devices and without the tangle of cords too.
  • 2.1 Amp USB charging port included to charge your device with using it.
  • Amplifier rated for 4 Watts for optimal music playback quality.
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Meeting spaces are changing, and evolving being used in different ways throughout the day. Short discussions, lengthy conference calls, or heads down solo work can all happen in the same room and often times do. This is why Byrne integrated their custom Bluetooth enabled speaker into a wide range of favorite accessory products, allowing any work space to double as a dedicated conference call area. Just walk up, turn it on, and wirelessly connect. It even offers the added benefit of power and USB charging. This high-quality speaker pairs easily with most mobile devices and is tuned for optimal sound. Whether you’re closing an important deal or grooving to your own playlist.

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Data Jacks are NOT included. Units are NOT pre-assembled, for custom assembled units, please contact us

Part # Configuration Weight Cord Length Price
BY-BE02520-1-3-XT (1) Power Outlet, (1) Bluetooth Speaker, (1) USB Charging Port 0.80 lbs. 72"
Manufacturer Direct
  • Omnidirectional Microphone picks up voices clearly from anywhere in the room
  • Wideband Audio/HD Voice for clear, high quality sound at all volumes
  • Larger speaker, with more volume than a smartphone
1 Power Outlet /1 Bluetooth Speaker /1 USB Charging Port Anodized Aluminum .80 lbs UL Listed






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