The Best Braided Sleeving Products for Every Budget

By: CableOrganizer®

Each person’s budget is relative, but braided sleeving is a cable management category that has something within it nearly everyone can afford.


flexo pet

One of those items is Flexo® PET, a standard sleeving solution that is useful for a range of applications, from automotive to computer cable management. This versatile braided sleeve is moisture and UV resistant, lightweight, easy to install, and flexible. It can work within an extensive temperature range from -103°F to 257°F, with a melt temperature up to 446°F. There is a Flexo® PET sleeve for most every budget, with smaller diameters and up to 10-foot lengths starting at under $10. This sleeving type is expandable up to 150%, with the ability to cover even oversized connectors. This means there is more product for your money, with it another way to stretch one’s budget. The best way to trim this type of braided sleeving is with a hot knife, which is important to budget for if you don’t own one already, and can also be purchased from CableOrganizer®. This cutting method prevents sleeving ends from fraying by searing the material as it is cut.


flexo clean cut

Flexo® Clean Cut® is an affordable choice for someone who may not have a hot knife or needs a sleeving that can be scissor cut without fraying. Some reasons one may opt for Flexo® Clean Cut® is if it is impossible to use a hot knife in a field application. This sleeving starts at a price point comparable to Flexo® PET.


flexo f6

Another adaptable and affordable sleeving type is Flexo® F6® though it comes in a semi-rigid, standard wrap-around style. Like Flexo® PET, it starts at less than a $10 price point for 10-foot cuts, in smaller nominal diameters of a quarter-inch and less. Its flexibility and ability to cover longer wire runs makes it simple to apply. Flexo® F6® features a 25% edge overlap for generous additional coverage within its available material.


flexo tight weave

Flexo® Tight Weave Braided Sleeving is economical because its tighter weave structure offers more complete coverage. It is easy to install, expanding to 150% like Flexo® PET. Flexo® Tight Weave Braided Sleeving works in operating temperatures from -94°F to 257°F, with a melt temperature up to 482°F. It is UV light resistant, making it a great choice for outdoor applications.


flexo anti-stat

Flexo® Anti-Stat is budget-friendly cable shielding infused with a microscopic carbon compound to improve signals because it deflects electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), and electrostatic discharge (ESD). It is expandable up to 150% and made of a carbonized Nylon monofilament yarn that is suitable for many types of applications. Flexo® Anti-Stat offers shielding along with abrasion resistance. Though Flexo® Anti-Stat starts at a higher price point than the other braided sleeving products we have already featured, at slightly more than $20 per 10-foot lengths, it is still an affordable way within most budgets to shield wires.


nylon sleeving

Nylon Expandable Braided Sleeving is another cost-effective Techflex® innovation. This sleeving is versatile because it expands to 150%, while resisting UV rays, automotive fluids, cuts, and abrasion. It operates in temperatures from -45°F to 302°F. The protection it offers pays for itself because of its abilities to increase hose life up to 300%, which reduces maintenance costs. It is priced per foot at a cost savings, with bulk pricing by the spool another discounted option.


flame retardant sleeving

Though some may believe fire resistant sleeving is cost prohibitive Flame Retardant Expandable Braided Sleeving is not an unaffordable choice, with it priced by the foot and in bulk spools like Nylon Expandable Braided Sleeving. It is an ideal solution when lightweight, expandable, fire resistant braided sleeving is needed in mechanical, electronic and high tech wire, cable, and hose applications. Techflex® Flame Retardant Expandable Braided Sleeving expands to 150%, has a 3-1 expansion rate, does not degrade in a variety of solvents and fluids, and complies with European Union RoHS directives.


halar sleeving

Halar® Expandable Sleeving is another product with high tech properties. It is a cost-effective alternative to Teflon®, priced by the spool. Halar® Expandable Sleeving features good electrical properties and thermal stabilities, along with self-extinguishing capabilities that make it suitable for plenum, high temperature, aerospace, and military applications. It is abrasion, cut, chemical, gas, and moisture resistant.

CableOrganizer® offers braided sleeving for every imaginable application and budget. Contact one of the helpful members of the CableOrganizer® team with any questions you may have, Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET at 1-833-3CABLEORG (1-833-322-2536) or at

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