The DIYer Guide to Organizing Your Gaming Cables

By: CableOrganizer®

Intense gamers need to be just as serious about gaming cable management. You’ve invested some significant funds in your equipment and it’s important to protect it. Yes, safeguard the system itself, including the console and controllers. But the wiring that fuels the magic on your screen is as deserving of coverage. It can make or break your gaming setup because if something happens to your cables, your system won’t function right…or at all.

But how do you begin the task of wire organization and protection?

It is important to plot out the path of and protection for your wires, whether you put it on paper…or have a vision of what you’d like to do in your head. A lot of what you do — and the products you ultimately choose — will depend on the configuration of the area where your system is located.

No matter how and when you begin, be sure all your gaming system cables are unplugged before you start working on them.

home theater shelf

Home theater racks are one way you can organize your console. CableOrganizer® has several racks to choose from, including frame rack inserts and slide out shelving that can fit into home entertainment units. Rack mountable shelves are available too in vented styles for optimal airflow. That helps to regulate your gaming equipment’s temperatures, another important aspect of preserving the life of these electronics.

tv mount

You can also mount your flat screen TV to the wall at eye level to create a comfortable and ergonomic way to game. The VMP Multi-Just™ Flat Panel Flush Mount with Tilt accommodates flat screen TVs between 27 and 42 inches. It is built of arc-welded steel for the ultimate in strength. Arlington® makes the Recessed TV Box™ in different styles and materials for flush wiring against the wall. This can be combined with options like TV mounts. If installing any of these products exceeds your DIY capabilities, please seek out contractors to assist with these aspects of your gaming cable management.

cable raceway

Cable raceway can come in handy, whether you mount items on a wall, or your gaming system is on top of a desk or table. Raceway can often be applied without tools using a self-stick adhesive strip. Many hardcore gamers count on J Channel Raceway to keep cables hidden and organized. It is made of plastic and can be cut to size. Once it is adhered to a surface, cables can placed inside the raceway from the top of the J Channel. There are other raceway styles suitable for a desk to choose from, including raceway that comes with pre-drilled screw holes and screws for a more permanent installation. The Home Theater Cable Management Kit is a raceway option with divided channels and flat design that conceals and streamlines wires. Raceway On-A-Roll™ lets you dispense rigid PVC raceway from a convenient box, installing with ease and cutting to size with scissors.

surge protector

Surge protectors keep wires protected externally, both organizing and safeguarding them from transient voltage. Electrical surges can fry delicate electronics if items are not shielded from incoming excess power. CableOrganizer® has traditional surge protectors with multiple outlets that can rest on the floor or hang by a keyhole-style slot. Some have individual switches to shut off electronic items not in use, preventing “vampire electronics” (ones that are idle but still grabbing power) from usurping energy. An uninterruptible power supply or UPS is another type of surge protector that provides backup power during electrical changes, whether a surge, brownout, blackout. The UPS lets you shut down your gaming system safely.

cable box

One simple way to hide and protect gaming cables is with a BlueLounge® CableBox®. The box contains a surge protector and takes up a small footprint on the floor or a desk. The large one accommodates a standard size surge protector, while the mini version comes with its own power strip.


Grommets are a way to organize wires from your gaming system if it is on a desk or table. System cables are pulled through the opening on top of its surface, while wires underneath are organized with a wide range of various cable management items, whether that is a raceway, under desk basket, braided sleeving, or other organization product.

braided sleeving

Braided sleeving provides numerous options to tidy up cable clutter. Flexo® PET Expandable Braided Sleeving stretches to 150% of its size to cover bundles and large connectors. It comes in a generous array of colors and patterns to customize the look of your gaming system wires. You can also use Flexo® F6® semi-rigid, split tube sleeving to wrap around existing wire harnesses and longer cable runs.

cable ties

After you’ve used a product like braided sleeving — or simply would like to cinch gaming cables on their own — cable ties are helpful cable management products. Releasable cable ties are likely the best choice for gaming setups because of the possibilities that gaming wires will be moved or undone. Traditional types would need to be cut off entirely if you need to reorient wiring. GripLockTies™ are reusable, rubber-lined zip ties that keep wires secure without overtightening them, another issue that can occur with standard nylon cable ties. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® General Purpose Cable Wrap is another releasable organizing product in several color choices made of sturdy hook and loop material.

Shop at CableOrganizer® for a multitude of items to customize your gaming cable management.

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