Preventing Tripping Accidents in the Workplace

By: CableOrganizer®


Maintaining a safe working environment for all the employees at your workplace is a vital part of your job. Walking around the work area will help you locate any tripping hazards that might be accessible to the employees. Tripping hazards in the workplace happen frequently and can often lead to unwanted lawsuits. By taking a few simple precautions, tripping accidents in the workplace can be avoided.


Your tripping hazard risk is increased if you must run electrical cords or cables across walkways in your workplace. You can avoid accidents there — and at the same time protect your cables and cords — by covering them up with Bumble Bee Cable Protectors.

For cords that are only going to be on the floor for a short while — or when purchasing covers are not in the budget — using Cable Path™ Tape to cover the cords might help to avoid a tripping accident.

If your workplace has cords and cables on the floor that must be changed or rerouted regularly, you can place them in a cable raceway along the wall. The raceways are easy to install, flexible, and durable; and can also be painted to match the décor of your workplace.

Placing cords and cables on the floor with covers and protectors, instead of hanging them over the doorway or chair where they are accessible to everyone, will help to avoid accidents in the workplace.


Your workplace probably has many phones and computers with cables and wires running out of the back and onto the floor. You can avoid many accidents in the workplace by securing these cables and putting them out of sight with a cable manager. The cable manager will also protect your cables from snags and liquid spills. They will also give you a neat, clean floor.

Cable wraps will rid your workplace of messy cables and clutter. These are easy to use, adjustable, and reusable. The large variety of colors available for the wraps is ideal for color coding your cables.

For hiding excess phone cables and computer cables, the Cable Turtle is available. You can wind the unnecessary wires around the Turtle and close the shell. This will free up the walkway area and help to prevent any tripping accidents in the workplace. They can additionally work to organize mouse and keyboard cables.

Cord clips are a great organizer for single cords such as phone cords in the workplace. The clips keep the phone cord in place, but also allow the cord to be easily inserted or removed.


To prevent tripping accidents in an industrial setting, heavy-duty cord protectors can be used, such as those made by Bumble Bee® or Yellow Jacket®. These can withstand tremendous pressure from foot traffic and vehicle traffic, while also preventing tripping accidents.

By using these products, your workplace can be free of any hazards that could be caused from unnecessary placement of cords and cables.

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