What Sets Corning UniCam® Pretium™ Connectors and Tool Kits Apart from the Rest?

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UniCam® Multimode Connectors

Corning may be a worldwide innovator in optical fiber data transmission, but the advances they've made don't end there: the company also continually develops ways to improve the quality and ease of fiber optic installation and termination. Corning's no-epoxy, no-polish UniCam® connectors are a favorite among installers; not only do they deliver superior fiber connection, they also field-install in just 2 minutes each.

As it turns out, stellar products like UniCam® connectors and termination kits can get even better. For installations where optical performance is the greatest consideration, Corning has added an even more highly optimized collection of fiber optic connectors and tool kits to the UniCam® line: Pretium™. What makes Corning UniCam® Pretium™ components rise above the crowd? Read on to learn about some of our favorite features.


Dramatically Fewer Errors, Reduced Installation Time.

People just do things differently from one another, fiber optic network installers included… and unfortunately, that can lead to error. So when they designed the UniCam® Pretium™ Tool Kit, Corning sought to eliminate as many human-variability flaws from fiber termination as they possibly could – and they succeeded.

With a dual-hold fiber clamp and diamond blade, the Pretium™ handheld cleaver delivers remarkably precise fiber cleaves – no matter whose hands it's in. And if any fiber termination kit is going to save you time, it's this one: the Corning UniCam® Pretium™ kit can cut termination time by up to 30%, with each connector taking as little as 45 seconds to install.


UniCam pretium tool kit

On-the-Spot Confirmation of Successful Termination.

Included in Corning's UniCam® Pretium™ Tool Kit is a handheld installation tool, which is equipped with an LED light that gives instant “go/no-go” confirmation of whether or not each connector has been successfully installed. The integrated continuity tester doesn't replace standard link-loss testing procedures, but its real-time results do save installers from having to go back and re-terminate fibers late in the game.


A Wider Range of Operating Temperatures.

With an operating temperature range of -40° to 75°C (-38° to 167°F), UniCam® Pretium™ connectors actually exceed the performance requirements of TIA/EIA 568-B.3! This extensive temperature range means that Pretium™ connectors aren't limited to indoor use: it's also safe to install them outdoors, housed in enclosed, environmentally protected hardware.


The Highest Level of Optical Performance… Guaranteed.

When a Corning Unicam® connector is designated “Pretium™,” it promises to deliver best-in-class optical performance. With a 0.1 dB typical/ 0.5 dB maximum insertion loss for multimode and 0.2 dB typical / 0.5dB maximum insertion loss for single-mode, Pretium™ connectors are 100% guaranteed by Corning to meet performance specifications at the time of installation.


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