Corning UniCam® Pretium™ Performance Single Mode Connectors LC Compatible

When Low Loss Connectivity is Critical, Pretium Performance Connectors are Guaranteed Best in Class


What's special about these UniCam Pretium Connectors?

  • Superior optical performance with 45 second install time
  • 100% Guaranteed .2 typical dB/.5 dB maximum insertion loss per connector pair when using UniCam Pretium Toolkit
  • Fast easy installation lowers labor costs
  • No consumables needed
  • Ideal for fiber deployments in local area networks (LAN), data centers, and campuses
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Part #DescriptionPrice
CN-95-200-99UniCam Pretium-Performance LC Connector SM; UPC, Ceramic Ferrule, Logo, Single Pack
Manufacturer Direct
  • Patented high precision ceramic ferrule are 100% tested to meet insertion loss
  • 100% guaranteed by Corning Cable Systems to meet the published insertion loss specification at time of installation
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40° to +75° C to accommodate most indoor (or outdoor environments when used in an enclosure).
  • Insertion loss of .2 dB and maximum insertion loss of .5 dB can be achieved only with the UniCam Pretium Tool Kit though compatible with standard UniCam tool kits
  • Enhanced polishing cycle of the end face at the Corning factory ensures the surface quality of the connector has a very low reflected signal needed that is needed for high speed digital optic transmission systems
  • No consumables needed
  • Fast installation lowers labor costs


Corning UniCam Pretium single mode connectors are available with a ceramic ferrule in LC, SC, and ST compatible connector styles. The Connectors are no-epoxy, UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) polished connectors that install quickly and easily in the field. The cost of installation is greatly reduced based on the quick 45-second installation time using the Pretium Tool Kit. The UniCam Pretium-Performance Single Mode Connectors are 100% guaranteed for meeting an installation specification of 0.2 dB typical and 0.5 dB maximum insertion only when utilizing the Pretium UniCam tool kit. They also meet TIA/EIA-568 B.3 specifications for insertion loss and return loss at temperatures of -40° to +75° C, which allows the connectors to be used outdoors when enclosed in environmentally protected hardware.

Connector Polish Insertion Loss
Typical Maximum (dB)¹
Reflectance (dB)² Housing Color Code Boot Color³
LC UPC 0.2 / 0.50 -55 Blue Blue
SC UPC 0.2 / 0.50 -55 Blue White
ST Compatible UPC 0.2 / 0.50 -55 Amber Blue

1 Insertion loss values given for installation using a UniCam Pretium Tool Kit. When installed using a UniCam Connectors Standard Installation Tool Kit, the insertion loss values are 0.3 dB typical and 0.75 dB maximum.
2 Reflectance values for SM are for 18° to 26° C.
3 LC connectors are sold with one 900 µm boot, one 2.0/1.6 boot, and one 2.9 mm boot; SC and ST compatible connectors connectors are sold with one 900 micron boot and one 2.9 mm boot.

Parameter Description
Intermateability Connectors are FOCIS compliant with TIA/EIA 604-10A (LC); TIA/EIA 604-3 (SC); TIA/EIA 604-2 (ST Compliant)
Qualification Passed TIA/EIA 568-B.3
Durability 0.2 dB change, 500 rematings, FOTP-21
Tensile Strength 10 lb ≤ 0.2 dB change on jacketed cable; 0.5 lb ≤ 0.2 dB change on 900 µm cable; FOTP-6
Operating Temperature -40° to +75°C, exceeding TIA/EIA 568-B.3






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