TKT-UniCam Pretium Installation Tool Kit

Terminate Singlemode & Multimode Connectors in Less Than a Minute


What's special about this Pretium Tool Kit?

  • This pretium tool kit accurately terminates a connector up to 30% faster than other UniCam toolkits.
  • UniCam Pretium Tool Kit can terminate LC, SC and ST single mode and multimode UniCam connectors.
  • Reduces time required to establish and clean a job site.
  • Pretium cleaver uses a dual clamp to secure the fiber while a diamond blade provides a more accurate and cleaner cleave.
  • Lowers human variability in installations and improves success rate by displaying instant go/no results with every termination.
  • A sturdy carrying case that includes all materials necessary for fiber preparation and cleaning.
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  • RoHS Compliant

In less than a minute, Corning's premier TKT-UniCam Pretium tool Kit (TKT-UNICAM-PFC) terminates single mode and multi-mode Pretium and standard UniCam Corning Cable Systems with LC, SC, and ST connectors. Designed to eliminate human variability from installation, the handheld and lightweight UniCam Pretium Installation Tool provides an integrated continuity test system with a go/no go signal that notifies the installer whether the connector was installed properly.

Part # Description Contents Length Width Height Weight Price
CN-TKT-UNICAM-PFC Unicam Pretium Installation Tool Kit View the Contents of the Kit View the Contents of the Kit 16" (40 cm) 10" (25 cm) 8" (20 cm) 5.2 lbs (2.4 kg)
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Weight Price
CN-FBC-14-15-16-BLADE FBC-015 Unicam Pretium Cleaver Replacement Blade Kit 0.5 lb
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This tool kit is required to achieve Pretium level specifications for UniCam Pretium Performance single mode connectors.

The Corning UniCam Pretium tool kit is designed to achieve optical Pretium level performance for single mode and multimode LC, SC, and ST connectors in local area networks (LANS), data centers or fiber to the desk applications, telecommunications rooms, telecommunications closets, and telecommunications enclosures.

Also included are 1.25mm and 2.50 mm VFL ferrule adapters and all necessary materials for fiber preparation and cleaning.

  • The UniCam Pretium Tool Kit can terminate LC, SC and ST multimode and single mode UniCam connectors, eliminating the need for multiple termination kits.
  • The tool kit is organized to decrease the time you need to establish and clean up a job site by being able to work right out of the bag.
  • The UniCam Pretium Installation Tool improves your success rate by giving you instant reliable go/no results with every termination eliminating human variability in installations.
  • The Pretium cleaver uses a dual clamp to perfectly hold the fiber in place and a diamond blade for an accurate superior cleave every time.
  • The attractive carrying case contains all the conveniences and equipment necessary for field terminations.

    For optical Pretium level performance, use this kit to precisely terminate Pretium or standard UniCam multimode or single mode LC, SC and ST connectors in local area networks (LANS), data centers or fiber to the desk applications in telecommunications rooms, telecommunications closets and enclosures. Due to the demanding requirements of single mode fiber, it is necessary to use this tool kit to achieve Pretium level performance for UniCam Pretium Performance single mode connectors.

    Contents of the TKT-Unicam Pretium Tool Kit

    1 - Unicam® Pretium™ Installation Tool with integrated CTS
    1 - Pretium Flat Cleaver (FBC-007) with diamond blade and handlers, and built-in fiber scrap container
    1 - Replacement Diamond Blade for cleaver
    1 - 5-in-1 Electrician's Scissors with notches
    1 - Crimp Tool
    1 - "Dual-Hole" Miller Tool Fiber Stripper (for 900 μm and 250 μm fiber)
    1 - Plastic Refuse Container
    1 - Retractable Permanent Marker
    1 - SC & ST Compatible 2.5mm Ferrule Adapter
    1 - LC 1.25 mm Ferrule Adapter
    1 - SC & ST Compatible 2.5mm Ferrule Cleaning Sticks (10 / pack)
    1 - 1.5mm Ferrule Cleaning Sticks (10/pack)
    1 - Package of Corning Wipes
    1 - Bottle of Corning Fiber Cleaning Fluid
    1 - UniCam® Pretium™ Tool Bag with integrated waste receptacle and organized foam insert interior



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    What is pretium kit?

    Asked by Anonymous user on 09.21 PM Tuesday, 28 February, 2017

    • - Hello, The Pretium kit is Corning's higher end fiber termination tool kit, some of the features/benefits are; Terminates single-mode and multi-mode fibers Convenient carrying case Visual feedback signal It also includes high performance installation Tool for termination of multi-mode and single-mode LC, SC and ST Compatible Connectors; includes High-performance Precision Flat Cleaver, 1.25 and 2.50 mm VFL ferrule adapters and all required fiber preparation, cleaning tools and materials For more information about this product please give us a call toll free at 866-222-0030

      andrew b. on 04.39 PM Monday, 20 March, 2017

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