Banish Tangled Cables from your Server Rack or Enclosure

By: CableOrganizer®

Along with cooling, cable management is one of the most pressing challenges encountered by network installers and IT technicians in server rooms and data centers. Even a cursory internet search will turn up countless examples of data center cabling disasters, with network cables looking like messy spaghetti. This isn't the way it has to be.

Tackling your rack cable management during set-up and installation of server cabinets will ensure it's easy to expand, reconfigure, and perform maintenance without having to worry about unplugging the wrong thing or navigating through tangled cables. Vertical/horizontal cable managers and cable trays are great ways to secure, bundle and route your cables to make sure everything is easy to access and identify. And be sure to check out our range of patch panels for all network cables, include fiber optic patch panels.

The Neat-Patch® Cable Management System is one of our most popular options. It is an innovative and complete system for patch cord management, providing more patch cable storage than many other items on the market.


Cable management is a big deal — otherwise we wouldn’t be in business! The fact of the matter is keeping cables properly organized is one of the biggest challenges when working with server rooms and data centers. Having cables haphazardly thrown around will turn your workspace into a giant headache. It can damage wires and cause other hazards.

The best thing you can do is make sure your cables are properly arranged from the start! If you think about how you are going to keep things neat during your set up and installation, it will make everything you need to do after that much easier. CableOrganizer® has five different kinds of cable management tools to help make your life neater! Here’s a little bit about each.



Horizontal cable managers are ideal for coax, fiber, copper wiring, patch cords, and more. Cables and whatever you use them in are investments that need to be protected. Keeping things organized within them is step one. When working with a lot of complicated cables, you are bound to have excess. Our variety of horizontal cable managers provide they are kept neat and safely out of harm’s way.



Vertical organizers — just as the name implies — are like the previous category except for their orientation. They are perfect for keeping racks and enclosures organized. They additionally hold cables in a way that ensures that airflow is never compromised, holding everything in place neatly and safely. Vertical managers ultimately give you additional space by keeping everything consolidated.


cable tray system

Cable trays allow you to run wires neatly from location to location, usually in the ceiling or in the floor. Depending on your needs, there are different types of cable tray systems ranging from basket-like systems that allow for great airflow, to solid trays that offer a strong level of protection. The type you need also largely depends on where you want to house your wires — in the ground, in the ceiling, or perhaps even suspended from the ceiling if you are in an industrial environment.


patch panel

For datacom and telecom networks, patch panels come in a range of different set ups. A patch panel is essentially a board that allows you to connect wires in various combinations with a number of electric sockets. Similarly, it keeps things organized and contained so wires aren’t hanging out all over the place.


fiber optic patch panels

Just like regular patch panels, fiber optic patch panels allow you to organize your cables for whatever application you need, but these are specifically geared towards fiber optic cables. Our variety of different brands allows you to get the best possible use out of your data center or server room.

If you need help selecting a solution for your cable management needs, feel free to call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 1-833-3CABLEORG (1-833-322-2536).

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