Basket Cable Trays

The basket cable tray is the go-to solution for routing and supporting many cable runs. Its wire-frame composition allows air to circulate for proper cable ventilation. We have wire basket cable tray solutions for under desks, raised flooring systems, or hanging tray set-ups. This is the place to find everything you need to assemble your basket tray installation: junctions, intersections, straight sections, mounting brackets, hardware, tray's all right here.

Keep things organized with Basket Cable Trays

Oh, the struggle of a mess of wires. Nobody wants them, but nearly everybody has them. Everybody, that is, except for the people who are ahead of the game and got themselves a basket cable tray. Organization helps you all around. At, that is what we built our company on. No matter where you are - at your desk, in a conference room, in a doctor's office - having a mess of wires takes away from your professionalism and makes things look cluttered. Basket Cable Trays can solve that easily.

How You Can Benefit From a Basket Cable Tray

You may be thinking that is just isn't necessary for you to get a cable tray. But it is! Here's why:

  • It will keep your cables properly ventilated.
  • It will make you more productive.
  • It will give you more space.
  • Having less clutter will help you be more efficient.
  • You'll eliminate accidents caused by trips and falls.
  • You'll be safer from an electrical fire.

Cable trays can be installed by anyone, no matter if you need them under your desk, in raised flooring systems, or in hanging tray set-ups.'s very own WireRun line provides a quick, easy, and secure installation and can withstand up to an impressive 2,600 pounds. It is also economical but gives you all of the benefits of routing cables in a tray system at the same time. You can also easily cut and customize the trays so that they perfectly fit your application's needs. You can even make turns as needed!

Either way you go, a cable tray will help your organization big time. Even if you think you "only" have a mess of wires under your desk, it can eventually become a problem. In the event that you need to move to another desk, or unplug one item, it is difficult to know what belongs to what and how it is connected. Cable trays will help to eliminate that and boost your overall efficiency.

And, the best part is that you don't need an electrician's license to install a cable tray. They can easily be assembled by a single person in mere minutes, and be ready for use. They're a great option for people looking to gain some organization while reducing clutter.