5 Tools That Can Make You Better at Your Job

By: CableOrganizer®

There's plenty to be said for dressing for success, but if you're an electrician, general contractor, carpenter, or other hands-on professional, it all comes down to skill — and the tools you equip yourself with. When time is of the essence and there's no room or budget for error, here are 5 different tools and components that will help knock out tasks quickly and efficiently — and make you look even better at your job.



Electrically speaking, there aren't many things that are less impressive than visible gaps and ragged drywall edges peeking out from behind receptacle wall plates. They're ugly, can present electrical hazards — and worst of all — are just plain unprofessional. Maintain the quality of your work — and your good reputation — by making perfectly sized, perfectly level junction box cutouts every time.

Sound tricky? It's easier than you think. All you need is a pencil, drywall saw — and most importantly — Klein Tools® Lighted Torpedo Billet Level. It comes with LED high-definition vials that can be read with ease under virtually any lighting condition. The large and bright vials are available in three angles including level, 45 and, 90 degrees. The level’s body comes in a professional-grade style — and high-visibility orange color — that is easily seen on conduit. With this handy tool, you’ll be able to cut holes completely concealed by faceplates — the way they're supposed to be.

Eyeballing drywall cutouts? Leave that to the amateurs.

Perfect for: Electrical contractors, builders, construction workers, plumbers, HVAC Technicians, Audiovisual professionals, DIYers, and more.


cable ferret

Are you trying to detect an issue within walls, under flooring, in plenum or riser spaces, within ceilings, under buildings, beneath a vehicle, or in other tight spots where visibility is an issue? These are jobs where Cable Ferret Inspection Camera and Cable Tool Kit can help out.

One of these two handy cameras operates using Wi-Fi and an app on your phone or tablet, to transmit live video and capture images. These images and video can be easily saved or emailed from a job site. It features six bright LEDs to illuminate the space being inspected; and comes with a flexible gooseneck to see in any direction. This camera is also equipped with a front rod and hook, to pull cabling without difficulty. The device includes thread adaptors, compatible with most fish sticks. There’s additionally a magnetic front rod that can grab metallic objects.

This camera can help you locate electrical problems, plumbing issues, mold, moisture, pests, and other troubles. The Cable Ferret can detect tricky situations or help pull cables within spaces that are difficult to access.

The Ferret PRO model comes with a rechargeable LCD Display, built-in microphone, conduit adaptor, SD card, and more. The Wi-Fi Inspection Camera is intended for smart devices (not included). Both cameras are waterproof, light, compact, and durable.

Perfect for: Remodeling contractors, builders, plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians, home inspectors, mechanics, pest control professionals, telecommunications professionals, audiovisual technicians, IT professionals, security system installers, DIYers, and more.


bk precision

If determining sound pressure is important for your vocation or quality of living, you need a BK Precision® Class 2 Sound Level Meter.

This meter can measure sound levels within a decibel (dB), to provide precise results. It meets IEC 60942 Class 2 standards, an international standard established by the International Electrotechnical Commission. This standard verifies the accuracy the BK Precision® Class 2 Sound Level Meter can pinpoint sound pressure, to measure its impact on occupational safety and health, the environment, industrial settings, and other locations or situations. The device can calculate between 30 dB and 130dB, to determine noise levels in a home, office, warehouse, stadium, and more. It comes with software for automatic data logging as you work.

Perfect for: Building and construction inspectors, occupational health and safety professionals, industrial engineers, environmental scientists, acoustical consultants, audio engineers, event planners, DIYers, and more.



Are you looking for a way to monitor or assess electrical usage? Then the Kill A Watt™ Electricity Power Meter and Kill A Watt™ EZ Electricity Usage Monitor will make doing both easier.

The Kill A Watt™ Electricity Power Meter detects the power each appliance is consuming, as well as the quality, by monitoring its voltage, power factor, cumulative kilowatt hours, and line frequency, with 0.2% accuracy. Kill A Watt™ EZ Electricity Usage Monitor has more advanced functions that may deeply cut electrical usage costs. It measures real-time electrical usage and operating costs of household appliances, which can help with determining if there are any to disconnect. The EZ Electricity Usage Monitor can estimate electrical expenses by 0.2%, per day, week, month, and even annually.

Perfect for: Electricians, energy auditors, facilities managers, environmental consultants, renewable energy professionals, HVAC technicians, home DIYers, and more.



If you’re ready to take your working speed and efficiency to the next level, the AUTOLOADER® Multi-Bit Screwdriver can help increase both.

Preloaded bits are within a special visible chamber, which can be twisted to match the right bit to the screw you’re working on. Then with a click of the chamber, the appropriate bit is loaded. The bits are additionally magnetic, which prevents screws from falling as you work. The AUTOLOADER® Precision and AUTOLOADER® Professional each come with six bits. There’s an AUTOLOADER® Precision Kit that includes a 31 piece bit set.

Perfect for: Contractors, electricians, HVAC technicians, Automotive technicians, Maintenance technicians, IT professionals, DIYers, and more.

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