10 Ways to Creatively Use Braided Sleeving for Cable Management Applications and More

By: CableOrganizer®

Braided sleeving is a handy wire organization tool that helps to neaten and protect cable bundles. It isn’t solely for standard wire runs near a computer. In some cases, it can be used for color coding, and even aesthetics. There are tons of other ways to utilize braided sleeving creatively, with 10 ideas below:



An aquarium is one of the overlooked wire organization areas and one surprising place where braided sleeving may be applied. Wires or tubes exit the fish tank to operate different portions of the system, including those for the filter, heater, and lights. Aquarium experts additionally recommend a “drip loop” on aquarium wires, when an outlet is underneath them. A drip loop ensures water does not travel into the outlet and instead falls beyond it. Common sense naturally teaches all of us that water and electricity do not mix, so it is essential for anything that may drip from the tank to not come into direct contact with the outlet. If you plug your tank’s electrical equipment into a surge protector, make sure it too is out of the path of any liquid with the potential to hit it. Some types of Techflex® braided sleeving have been designed for marine environments, which could include fish tank wires. It organizes and protects cables, but can additionally be used for aesthetics, all while keeping aquatic life safe. Flexo® F6® Braided Sleeving is a split sleeve that can wrap around existing wires, with clear/white F6® a good match especially for transparent tubing. Flexo® 6 Mil is a clear sleeving useful in filtration applications like a fish tank because it continues to hold its shape even when water flows through it. External wiring and connectors can be covered with sleeving for further protection, in whatever colors you would like, whether blending in with the background or standing out.



Many more people are cycling these days. Some ride their bike for pleasure or fitness, and others for their commute. No matter the reasons one is cycling, increasing the visibility of the cyclist is a priority. It is additionally critical to protect bicycle cables. F6® Reflex protects cables and makes a bike easier to see. This split braided sleeve is a simple to install safety measure, offering reflective qualities in low light conditions.


boat wires

As we’ve stated already, braided sleeving can come in handy for all aspects of marine wiring, whether protecting engine wires or the ones for your boat’s sound system. High temperature sleeves work best for those in the hottest areas of a watercraft’s engine. Insultherm® is one variety of Techflex® braided sleeving for extreme temperatures. This fiberglass sleeving with abrasion protection and chemical resistance is able to endure up to 1,200°F. Turtle Wrap is designed to protect wires while taking on saltwater, abrasion, chemicals, sparks, and high heat, making it perfect for undersea welding and on oil rigs. Dura Wrap is a ballistic nylon, heavy duty wrap that holds up against saltwater, engine chemicals, gasoline, and UV rays. Gator Wrap is appropriate to protect cables and hoses in high drag applications, with the wrap additionally water, petroleum, puncture, and tear resistant. Flexo® Heavy Wall Sleeving is also useful in marine applications, to cover chains and cables.


color code

Braided sleeving comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it useful to color code cables. Did you know, for example, that when green and yellow are combined they identify a ground wire? Ground Stripe Flexo® PET Braided Sleeving is available at CableOrganizer® in 1.25-inch diameter. Orange is helpful to identify high voltage electric vehicle wires, and EV charger cables. The color orange is available in numerous Flexo® PET sizes, and all sizes of Flexo® F6® standard wrap-around sleevin. Either of these standard sleeves can work for EV charger cables. High voltage cables that need added abrasion resistance and protection under the hood could benefit from BattleBraid® or F6® Battle Wrap. Each of these abrasion resistant sleeves provide impact and puncture resistance, important in EV emergencies, especially involving vehicle crashes.



Braided sleeving was designed to safeguard cables but can be used in DIY costume design projects. Some examples: use it to conceal wires, sensors, and electrical components in costumes. Metal and shielding sleeving can be applied to ensembles that feature armor or weapons, or if they need tech-infused, futuristic elements. Belts, straps, and harnesses on costumes could be appropriate places for a touch of Techflex® braided sleeving when specific patterns, textures, visual appeal, or aesthetics are needed.



Fly fishing champs count on specialty braided sleeving to design appealing fly lures. The more attractive to fish, the better chances you’ll get a great catch! Techflex® Flexo® Mylar Braided Sleeving was created to add decorative touches to wiring but this shows it can evidently be used for so much more. It comes in gold or silver, and .25- and .5-inch diameters.


gaming desk

Standard braided sleeving can provide wire cover to safeguard gaming wires, cables, and connectors in one fell swoop. Flexo® PET works great for new setups and comes in a range of colors to customize your gaming vibe. Flexo® F6® easily covers existing cable runs with a semi-rigid sleeve that accommodates wire breakouts. Metal and shielding braided sleeves alleviate electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) that may crop up within some gaming setups.


home theater

This is another place where metal and shielding braided sleeving can come in handy, to maintain optimal sound and images. Flexo® PET provides standard sleeving protection for audio/video cables. Flexo® Mylar also works for creating unique home theater wiring effects.


indoor outdoor

Where there are indoor and outdoor lights, braided sleeving can be used to cover wiring. Indoors, it can conceal stray lamp cords, with Flexo® PET an option that expands over 150% onto oversized connectors. It comes in colors to match walls, flooring, furniture, or whatever else is in the background. Braided sleeving doesn’t just have to be applied as a camouflage but can add decorative touches too. Sleeving helps outdoor wiring sustain in the elements. Some wires may need to be armed with abrasion resistance. Flexo® Clean Cut Heavy Duty is one of the sleeves able to accomplish that. It cuts cleanly with scissors, providing wire coverage for outdoor lighting, along with moisture, UV, and chemical resistance. Outdoor cables are good candidates for shielding from rodents as well, like squirrels, groundhogs, chipmunks, and other chewers. Flexo® Rodent Resistant Braided Sleeving protects wires with elements that repel rodents.


recording studio

A recording studio for projects involving audio, video, or both, is a prime candidate for metal and shielding braided sleeving to keep EMI, RFI, and ESD at bay. Copper Braid improves current transmission with 100% copper. Flexo® Silver Plated works for shielding and grounding. Flexo® Anti-Stat keeps abrasion and static down using carbon-infused sleeving. Studio Key Wrap is specialty wrap sleeving that offers green screen coverage for audio/video cables, which can then be keyed out of the production. Flexo® Non-Skid is another specialty braided sleeve made of a high-friction polymer, which prevents people from slipping on cables in a busy studio environment.

As this list shows, there are many inventive uses for braided sleeving, so shop for braided sleeves now at CableOrganizer®.

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