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Stay Connected With Proper Computer Cable Management & Desktop Organization

So many aspects of your life demand you spend time at a computer. Doesn't it make sense to keep your PC station functional and well-organized? carries an extensive line of products to do just that.

Whether you need to organize wires on your desktop, or you're building a PC, we have cable management solutions like braided sleeving, wire loom, heat shrink tubing and zip ties, to keep your cables uncluttered, bundled and protected. We also have clever devices like the Cable Box and Cable Bin to keep unsightly cords and power strips hidden.

Monitor mounts and stands can help keep valuable equipment protected and off the ground and help free up desk space as well. Label printers and ID tags can make sure that everything is in its right place, and stays there. Need to remove PC power supply pins from plugs or connectors? We are the place to buy or rent Molex Extraction Tools.

Every peripheral, from modems to cameras, keyboards to speakers, is connected to the PC using some form of wiring or cabling. This equipment is often very delicate and sensitive, and we would be lost without our machines. Our specialty wire management and office cable management hardware makes protecting and organizing your case mods easier than ever, including items to separate individual cables into their own runner for ease of use and identification.

Hook Up Your Computer for Maximum Efficiency

There’s a lot you can do with computers, and the truth is most of us only use them for a fraction of what they are capable of. When we do use them, there is a lot of wiring to take into consideration and loose ends to keep together so that our desk space doesn’t get messy. Also, it is important to protect your computer’s cables to make sure to preserve its longevity. That being said, has a lot of tools to both enhance the function of your computer and to keep it organized. Here is a breakdown!

Tools to Maximize Computer Function

Computers can do a lot, and we have products to help them do even more. We have a wide selection of Ethernet and VGA/HDMI media converters that allow you to expand or extend your network. Small form-factor pluggable options allow for a greater port density on your network devices. Bottom line is that we have the media converters you need to stay connected well and make your functionality go through the roof.


If you work in an environment with a lot of technology, or your house is ultra-connected, we have KVM switches that can control multiple computers or server systems from a single keyboard, monitor, or mouse. When you install a KVM switch, it ultimately saves you cost in the long run and also reduces space because it eliminates the need for a plethora of different wires.


To change gears a little, label printers can easily be used with your computer and make your whole life a lot easier. We specialize in label printers that print on wires, but the truth is they can be used for anything. Labelling things ahead of time makes your life easier in the long run and takes out the guess work of working with a lot of wires at once.


Keeping Your Desk and the Wires Around it Organized

Chances are that at home or at work, your desk is a place where you spend a lot of time. Naturally, when you spend a lot of time there, you’ll end up with a cluttered space, unless you stay on top of keeping things together. If you do take the time to do so, your life will be a lot easier, and your work more efficient. Lucky for you, we have the tools to help you out.


Many different kinds of desk organizers exist to help manage your computer’s cords and the extra items you use at your desk frequently - like your phone - while at the same time charging them. If you have taken a look under your desk recently, you probably see a tangle of wires. If you needed to unplug something, what are the chances that you would be able to figure out what belongs to what fast?


You can eliminate this by using cable ties to keep things together. And also using your label maker to label each cable with where it belongs. Cable sleeving is another great solution for cable management because they offer both protection and organization.


Clearly, you also need to make sure not to forget the essentials. Cables themselves and wireless routers and modems are necessary for your computer to function. Being connected isn’t just an option these days – it is a necessity. Make sure you do it and do it well!

If you need help selecting a solution for your cable management needs, feel free to call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 1-866-222-0030.