Snake Tray

Snake Tray® offers a unique flexible, hand-bendable steel cable tray system. They can be manipulated to travel in virtually any direction without cutting or clipping, and can be mounted overhead, along walls, or below computer access floors. Specialized accessories are also available to join trays end-to-end, create intersections, transition cables through drops and suspend tray sections from the ceiling.

Snake Tray Cable Systems Help Keep You Organized

Sorry reptile enthusiasts, but it isn't the slithering-variety snakes we are talking about here! Snake tray cable systems keep your cables and wires neat and organized overhead, along walls, or even under the floor. These trays are made of flexible steel you can mold with your hands, allowing you to make the tray travel in any direction needed to accommodate your surroundings.


Lightweight and portable, snake trays come in different sizes and can accommodate a lot of wire to allow them to travel over a far distance from one point to another. Because of their open structure, they automatically allow plenty of air to keep the wires cool and ventilated adequately.


About Snake Tray Cable Systems
These systems are a versatile option for people looking to support and control fiber-optic cables and copper cables. They are easy to install and don't require any special tools. The trays can easily be molded into turns and to go up and down, while maintaining a high level of strength and durability.


Additionally, different trays can be put together to create one long run. With our unique Snake Tray accessories and hardware, you can also create intersections, split or doing double and single snakes. This allows for complete customization of your product to exactly meet the needs of your space. No longer do you need to struggle to make something fit, when you can make the product fit exactly how you want it to.


Available in many different varieties, the Snake Trays come in everything from a compact design for narrow and cramped spaces to the double snake tray that allows for 50 square inches of cable path and holds over 500 cables at once.


Evaluating your needs - like how many cables will you need to go into the tray, where you want the tray to be, and any upcoming changes you can forsee - will help you in deciding which tray is right for you. If you have any doubt, give us a call at 866.222.0030 and one of our product specialists will be happy to guide you!