LSDI Wet Noodle™

The Original Magnetic In-Wall Wire Retrieval System


What's special about this wire retrieval system?

  • Complete kit provides a fast and easy solution for creating entry and exit points for pulling and fishing electrical wires, without the help of vision tools.
  • The 24" flexible insulated retriever utilizes a 3/16" Neodymium magnet on one end for easy retrieval of wires or ball chain.
  • Compact, lightweight, and flexible design makes this a must-have tool for retrofit installations, or jobs where space and vision are limited.
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Labor Saving Devices' Wet Noodle™ wire retriever system is no inferior knock-off product... it's the original! LSDI developed the ball chain and retriever concept to save time and reduce the frustration that can come along with retrofitted wire installation jobs.

Part # Description Weight Price
LS85-124 Wet Noodle and Retrievers Complete Kit
Kit includes: 24" flexible insulated retriever with (1) 1/4" magnetic and (1) 3/16" magnetic end; 10" football chain with Stop; 18" telescoping pocket retriever
0.2 lb
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Length Price
LS85-024 Ball Chain 10'
Manufacturer Direct
LS85-120 Flexible Retriever 24"
Quick Ship
LS53-310 Telescoping Retriever 18"
Quick Ship

Now the original has gotten even better with the addition of a powerful 1/4" rare-earth magnet on the opposite end of the already incredibly strong 3/16" magnet.

  • Extra 1/4" magnet has been added to the opposite end of original magnet for extra pulling strength.
  • 10' lightweight ball chain with stop-ring is designed to be easily picked up by either magnetic side of the insulated retriever.
  • 18" telescoping pocket retriever with hook easily catches and latches onto ball chain.
  • Works best in uninsulated walls
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • LS85-124 Wet Noodle™ Wire Retrieval Systems Specifications
    Description Magnet # of Magnets Length Weight Price
    Ball Chain n/a n/a 10' 0.085 lb
    Flexible Retriever Neodymium (1) 3/16", (1) 1/4" 24" 0.090 lb
    Telescoping Retriever n/a n/a 18" 0.045 lb
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    How-To Corner



    How to Use the Wet Noodle System:

    Create a small hole for an entry point up on wall (the Wet Noodle works best in un-insulated walls) and drill a small hole at the bottom directly below (1/4" hole for the smal magnet end or 3/8" for the bigger end). Drop the Wet Noodle ball chain down giving it a slight jiggle to make sure it finds the bottom plate. In most cases you will "catch" the ball chain by just putting the magnet end(s) into the bottom hole. If necessary, bend the flexible retriever into an "S" shape to get into the wall for more difficult retrievals. Slowly pull the ball chain to just inside the bottom hole. Using the pocket retriever, hook the ball chain and bring it out the bottom hole.

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