LSDI Creep-Zit™ Pro 36' Kit - Threaded Connector Wire Running Rod Kit

Most Advanced, Best Priced Kit for Running Wire and Cable


What's special about this push/pull kit?

  • Excellent for cable and wire installation in walls, through ceilings, under carpeting and many other hard to reach areas.
  • Rods can connect to one another with 3/16" threaded ends to create a flexible, non-conductive, push/pull rod up to 36' long.
  • Advanced kit is made up of 6 durable and flexible FiberFuse™ 6' non-splintering fiberglass rods.
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Part # Description Dimensions Weight Price
LS81-000 1.25"sq. x 78"L 11 lbs
Manufacturer Direct

The Creep-Zit line of push/pull rods are sought after by professional installers because of their superior rod strength, flexibility and durability. Additionally, the FiberFuse rods are able to retain their shape while you are working. Although they are not the least expensive rods on the market, the fact that they will not splinter and can be connected for extra length makes them well worth the price.

Incredibly strong threaded connectors ensure your rods, once connected, will not come apart in the middle of a job.

  • Includes 1 6' glow in the dark rod to help you to see in darkened spaces.
  • Smooth finish allows you to work without gloves for greater maneuverability and accuracy.
  • Professional kit is fast and easy to work with to save both time and money on the jobsite.
  • Equipped with an assortment of accessory tips to accommodate your specific job needs.
  • Includes 6' Fish-Tailz™ flexible mesh pull sock:
    • Acts as a wirepuller and pull line all in one to pull any combination of wires/cables up to 5/16" bundle size through holes without pre-stripping, staggering, or taping wire.
    • Constructed of an advanced non-conductive flexible mesh material.
    • Friction jacket on sock prevents any snagging on holes and bends, and provides superior performance compared to the metal wire cages.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA USA

  • Kit Includes:

  • 5 FiberFuse™ 6' push/pull rods with male and female threaded connector ends.
  • Luminous FiberFuse™ 6' push/pull rod with male and female threaded connector ends.
  • 6' Fish-Tailz™ 1/8" diameter mesh pull sock.
  • Glow in the dark whisk with threaded tip
  • Female bull nose threaded connector tip
  • 12" Ball chain threaded connector tip
  • Clear square plastic tube to store it all
  • Part # LS81-000
    Pieces included in kit: (5) FiberFuse™ 6' push/pull rods
    (1) FiberFuse™ Luminous 6' push/pull rod
    (1) 6' Fish-Tailz™ 1/8"D mesh pull sock
    (1) Glow in the dark whisk with threaded tip
    (1) Female bull nose threaded connector tip
    (1) 12" Ball chain threaded connector tip
    Length when tubes are combined: 36'
    Shipping Dimensions: 1.25" x 1.25" x 78"L square tube
    Shipping weight: 11 lbs.


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