GlowFish® Glow-in-the-Dark Fiberglass Push Pull Rods

Fishing Cable in the Dark Has Never Been Easier


What's special about these wire pulling rods?

  • Luminesces for excellent visibility when pushing and pulling cables through attics, walls, and other dark spaces.
  • Clear container allows for light collection when not in use, ensures rods are always ready for work.
  • Additional 6ft rods can be screwed together to create custom lengths up to 30'.
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Glowfish® GITD wire and cable fishing rods eliminate the need for an external light source or work lamp while you work. Able to luminesce in the dark, these screw-together rods are charged by light while stored in their clear tube, so they’re always ready to go. Their excellent flexibility and many different tips are ideal for various cable routing needs.

Individual Rods
Part # Description Thread Size Thread Length Section Dimensions Diameter Weight Price
BES-GLF314 GlowFish 3/16"D x 3'L - Bullnose/Female Rod 8/32" 0.750" 3' 3/16" 2 oz
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  • Stored in clear tube so risk of losing tools will be significantly decreased, saving project costs.
  • Available in two diameters for varying applications:
  • A highly flexible 5/32" diameter for winding, obstructed runs
  • A more durable 3/16" diameter for long, straight runs
  • Various attachments available to satisfy the needs of any application:
  • GlowFish Fish Hook - Used to snag cable
  • GlowFish Directional Tool - Bent tip helps to guide cabling around obstructions.
  • GlowFish Magnet Head - Latches onto the ball chain attachment (the attachment used to pull cables through small access holes).
  • GlowFish Pull Ring - Designed to accommodate several wires for large pulls
  • GlowFish Ball Chain - Used to pull cables through small access holes
  • GlowFish Wisp Head - Used in suspended ceilings; won't get hung up on T-Bars
  • GlowFish Screw Tip - Screws into small communication wires for quicker pulls
  • GlowFish Flexfish - Attaches to the rods and has threads for tip attachment; ensures that cable can be fished into the most difficult spaces.

  • GLF307 GlosFish Fiberglass Rods Specifications (PDF) PDF
  • GLF407 GlosFish II Fiberglass Rods Specifications (PDF) PDF

    Part # Description Dimensions (per sections) Weight
    BES-GLF308 3/16" GlowFish 24' Kit (8) 3FT Sections 1.5 lbs
    BES-GLF303 3/16" Glow Fish 6' Bullnose/Bullnose rod (1) 6FT Section 3 oz
    BES-GLF310 3/16" Glow Fish 6' Male/Female rod (1) 6FT Section 3 oz
    BES-GLF314 3/16" Glow Fish 3' Bullnose/Female rod (1) 3FT Section 2 oz
    BES-GLF315 3/16" Glow Fish 3' Male/Female rod (1) 3FT Section 2oz
    BES-GLF407 5/32" Glow Fish II 30' Kit (6) 5FT Sections 2 lbs
    BES-GLF408 5/32" Glow Fish II 24' Kit (8) 3FT Sections 1.5 lbs
    BES-GLF403 5/32" Glow Fish II 6' Bullnose/Bullnose rod (1) 6FT Section 3 oz
    BES-GLF406 5/32" Glow Fish II 6' Bullnose/Female rod (1) 6FT Section 3 oz
    BES-GLF410 5/32" Glow Fish II 6' Male/Female rod (1) 6FT Section 3 oz
    BES-GLF414 5/32" Glow Fish II 3' Bullnose/Female rod (1) 3FT Section 2 oz
    BES-GLF415 5/32" Glow Fish II 3' Male/Female rod (1) 3FT Section 2 oz
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    What type of light (strong halogen light up close or an LED flashlight ?) is needed to charge the rods and how long do they need to be exposed to light for operation

    Asked by Anonymous user on 08.20 PM Monday, 06 March, 2017

    • - Hello, These GlowFish will charge under any light; sunlight,halogen or fluorescent and will charge while they are stored in their clear tube. Typically, charging will take an hour maybe less depending on how bright the light is. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call us toll free at 866-222-0030

      andrew b. on 01.13 PM Tuesday, 14 March, 2017

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