Work Lights

Brighten Up Your Workspace

One thing's for sure when you're working: you never want to be caught in the dark. Fortunately, has a wide variety of lighting solutions to keep your area illuminated.

From handheld flashlights to outdoor floodlights, we've got a reliable and dependable solution for any application. Rackmount lights to brighten your network components for easy inspection; wall packs for storage areas, corridors, entry ways, parking garages and stairwells; heavy duty work lamps for field applications; energy efficient bulbs...if you need to shine a light on something, this is the place to be.

Stay Out of the Dark with Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is essential when working with cables and wires. Working in the dark is not only frustrating but can lead to accidents and injury. This is easily preventable by making sure you plan ahead and have the right lighting ready for use. offers a nice variety of lighting that includes flood lighting, specialty lighting, rack mount lights, work lights, and various flashlights. By purchasing what you need ahead of time, you can make sure you stay safe, can do your job right, and aren't restricted by the setting sun - especially in those shorter winter hours.

We Have the Answers for Which Light is Right for You

Whatever you are working on, we've got a light for it. It's key to know the right one to make sure you stay out of the shadows! Here's a little breakdown of what each type of light we offer and what it is best for.


Flood lights and wall packs are made to help you illuminate a large area. Depending on the type you get, you can illuminate anything from a closet to a football field. They can be used to accent landscaping, and keep your property well-lit at all times, far after the sun sets.


Specialty lighting fixtures and receptacles add unique and additional lighting to older homes and other structures that have lighting receptacles. You can use whatever lightbulbs you like, from traditional incandescent bulbs to the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent lightbulbs.


Work lights come in a lot of different forms, and aren't meant to be mistaken for flood lights. We have lights that are designed for the military and law enforcement for stakeouts and special ops, and GrabLite Telescoping Magnetic LED Flashlight to see and retreive metal objects that are not in reach. Our collection is extensive and if you need a light for work, chances are we've got it.


Everyone needs to have a good flashlight. happens to be located in South Florida, a location well known for hurricanes, and everyone knows that in the event of a power outage, having a trusty flashlight on hand is a must. We have a wide variety with different levels of lighting, fit to meet any need you have.


Rack mount lights are the most technical and specific work light we have. They bring light directly to your rack mount and allow you to light up the space when you need to work on it. The options we sell take up just a little bit of space yet offer quality lighting - allowing you to work on the fine things you need to work on with your network components.


Everyone Needs a Good Light

It's hard to imagine that just under 150 years ago Thomas Edison developed the first patent for a light bulb. It revolutionized the world and manufacturing has since evolved into many different types of lighting. Along with that, we are working with a larger variety of objects, all of which require that we have the right lighting to see things clearly!