American Polywater® TYPE FO™ Anhydrous Alcohol Fiber Cleaner

Easy, Effective Fiber Cleaning


What's special about fiber optic cleaner by Polywater®?

  • Fast evaporating, so there is no need to wait for drying; saves time on the jobsite.
  • Leaves no residue behind like most other cleaners, for clean termination and better signal.
  • Available in durable, pre-saturated lint free
  • Package limits vapor exposure and eliminates spill hazards to keep your cleaner available until you are ready to use it.
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Type FO™ is the best available solution for cleaning optical fibers or connector end faces to optimize your light transmission performance. The anhydrous alcohol that Type FO™ contains has essentially no water and excellent solvency. Water can be a damaging factor when cleaning fiber, so avoiding it is a particularly good idea.

Part # Description Quantity / Box Weight Price
AP-FO-1 Type FO™ Anhydrous Alcohol Fiber Cleaner - 5" x 8" Towelettes 50 0.02 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • Great addition to your tool box or tool bag.
  • Ideal for use with fiber optic equipment or connections, and also when mailing fiber terminations.
  • Non linting wipes leave behind no debris that can hinder connectivity.

    Material Safety Data Sheets -

  • FO Fiber Optic Cleaner/Degreaser MSDS (PDF) PDF
  • FO1 Fiber Optic Cleaner/Degreaser MSDS (PDF) PDF

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