Heavy Duty Serrated Edge Scissors

Multipurpose Tool For Use in Home, Office or Warehouse


What's special about these cutting shears?

  • Serrated blade helps easily cut PET NF braid, F6 braided sleeving, wire loom, heat shrink tubing, small diameter wires, and plants
  • Manufactured with stainless steel to withstand a variety of indoor and outdoor environments
  • Angled blade helps maintain precision cutting for a smooth, straight edge
  • Oversized handle-loops relieve hand and wrist stress when you're making repetitive cuts
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These Heavy Duty Serrated Edge Shears are powerful enough to cut through a penny, yet delicate enough to cut straight edges on items like braided sleeving. Made of stainless steel, these scissors are built to withstand hard use and autoclave processing, so they're perfect for everything from construction or medicine.

Part #DescriptionOverall LengthWeightPrice
SHR0.00SVHeavy Duty Serrated Edge Scissors/Shears8.5"2.0 oz (0.0567 kg)
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  • Comfortable, high impact grips and stainless steel blades ensure years of use
  • Strong enough to cut through a penny but will not tear or harm fabric or sleeving
  • These shears can be sterilized via autoclave up to 272° F (133° C), so they're ideal for tattoo artists, healthcare environments, dentistry, or food service
  • Compact design fits easily into a tool belt or tool bag


Part number SHR0.00SV
Length 8.5"
Width 3.5" (handle) 0.375" (closed blade)
Material Stainless Steel
Autoclave temp 272° F (133° C)
Weight 2 oz







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