Brady Valve Lockout Tagout Kit with Aluminum Safety Padlocks in Toolbox

Contains All the Basic Devices You Need to Lockout Common Breakers, Valves and Plugs


What's special about this personal protection kit?

  • OSHA compliance driver – designed and assembled exclusively for safety to help you comply with OSHA 29 CFR § 1910.147 Control of Hazardous Energy
  • Built to last – all kit components meet Brady’s highest standards for quality, durability and reliability
  • Extremely portable – toolbox keeps padlocks and devices at the ready and goes where you go
  • Everything you need to effectively lock out gate, ball and other valves
  • Each lock and key are unique, allowing authorized users to have their own individual locks and comply with OSHA’s “one person, one lock, one key" guidance
  • Great for contractors – stores easily in vehicles to travel between jobsites
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Safely power down faster when you power up your lockout tagout readiness with one convenient, easily accessible and portable kit.

Part # Description Weight Price
BC-153671 Valve Lockout Tagout Kit 8.5 lbs
Individual Components
Part # Description Weight Price
BC-65674 Brady Small 110V Plug Lockout 0.001 lb
BC-65375 Brady 1" Lockout Hasps 2.6 lbs
BC-65396 Brady 120/277V Clamp-On Breaker Lockout 0.245 lb
BC-66321 Brady Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout 0.065 lb
BC-65560 Brady 1"-2 1/2" Gate Valve Lockout 0.001 lb
BC-65520 Brady Heavy Duty Lockout Tags w/ Nylon Cable Ties 0.59 lb
BC-105905 Brady Small Lockout Toolbox 1 lb
  • Tool box is made of durable polypropylene with nickel-plated steel clasps and has two convenient storage pockets built into lid for strength and easy access.
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

    Kit components include:

  • 1 - 1/2"- 2 1/2" Small Ball Valve Lockout
  • 1 - 1"- 2 1/2" Gate Valve Lockout
  • 1 - 120/277V Clamp-On Breaker Lockout w/ Cleat
  • 1 - Universal Multipole Breaker Lockout
  • 1 - Small 110V Plug Lockout
  • 2 - 1" Lockout Hasps
  • 2 - Heavy Duty Lockout Tags w/ Nylon Cable Ties
  • 1 - Small Lockout Toolbox

    Brady Plug LockoutPlug Lockout – Small - BC-65674
    Avoid electrical accidents by applying lockouts to prevent plugs from being inserted into a wall outlet. Use when plug will not remain under the exclusive control of the person performing service or maintenance. Device is made of rugged polypropylene and is for use with 110V electrical plugs. Danger message printed on device to alert workers of lockout in progress. 2" H x 2" D x 3 1/2" W w/ 1/2" Diameter Hole For Cable Polypropylene
    Brady Red HaspsRed Lockout Hasps (1" Diameter Jaws) - BC-65375

    Our lockout hasps are the answer to your safety concerns during group lockout situations. Hasps are constructed of vinyl-coated high tensile steel and are plated to resist rust. Lock holes are 3/8" diameter to accommodate most standard lock shackles.

    Brady Clamp-On Breaker120/277V Clamp-On Breaker Lockout - BC-65396
    Clamp-on breaker lockouts are easy to install using thumbscrew design which means no screwdriver is needed. Simply tighten lockout securely onto switch tongue, pull cover over thumbscrew and lock cover to prevent clamp from being loosened. Accepts lock shackles up to 9/32" in diameter. Constructed of rugged polypropylene and impact modified nylon.
    Brady Universal Multi-Pole BreakerUniversal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout - BC-66321
    Universal multi-pole breaker lockout is made of durable impact-modified nylon and is compatible with most two or three pole breakers with a tie-bar such as GE ITE, Sylvania, Challenger, Bryant, Westinghouse and General Switch Company. Simply tighten thumbscrew to clamp lockout securely over tie bar, then insert lock to prevent clamp from being loosened.
    Brady Mini Gate ValveMini Gate Valve - BC-65560
    Made of injection-molded polypropylene, our gate valve lockouts are extremely rugged for superior impact and chemical resistance. They can easily withstand temperatures from -20°F to 300°F. Unique knockout center accommodates OS&Y or "rising stem" valves. Lockouts accept locks with shackles up to 3/8" diameter. Danger labels in English, Spanish and French are included.

    Brady Lockout TagsHeavy Duty Polyester Lockout Tags - BC-65520
    Constructed of heavy duty polyester, our durable tags offer completely encapsulated graphics that withstand moisture, grease, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Tags accept pencil, pen and marker (pen and marker can be completely erased using isopropyl alcohol, allowing for repeated use!). Heavy duty construction holds up to 80 lbs of pull force, preventing accidental removal. 3/8" diameter heavy-duty brass grommet accepts most padlock shackles. Tag size is 5 1/2"H x 3". Standard package includes 25 tags and nylon fasteners.

    Front Legend: DO NOT OPERATE This lock/tag may only be removed by: ETC (w/ diagonal stripes),
    Back Legend: This energy source has been LOCKED OUT! Unauthorized removal of this lock/tag may result in immediate discharge. Remarks:

    Brady ToolboxSmall Lockout Toolbox - BC-105905
    Brady's Lockout Toolbox is made of rugged polypropylene with nickel-plated steel clasps with two handy storage pockets built into lid. Comes with removable tray for organizing contents.
    Size: 7.1" H x 14" W x 5.5" D
    Part # BC-153671
    Kit Includes
  • (1) Ball Valve Lockout (BS07A-RD),
    (1) Cable Lockout w/ 8ft Metal Cable (50943),
    (1) Gate Valve Lockout 1-2.5in (65560),
    (1) Gate Valve Lockout 2.5-5in (65561),
    (1) Gate Valve Lockout 5-6.5in (65562),
    (1) Lockout Toolbox (105906),
    (1)Universal Valve Lockout w/ Blocking Arm (50921),
    (10) Lockout Tags (65520),
    (10) Zip Ties,
    (2) 1in Lockout Hasps (133161),
    (3) Aluminum Safety Lockout Padlock (SDAL-RED-38ST-KD)
  • Toolbox Material Rugged polyprolylene with nickel-plated steel clasps
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    How-To Corner



    Lock Boxes - A Great Idea for Group Lockout:

    When you have a large number of lockouts necessary due to a large population of workers and equipment being serviced, lock boxes can offer a number of advantages over hasps.

  • Lock boxes require fewer locks
  • Less weight on delicate energy isolating devices like circuit breakers
  • Easier to monitor the status of lockout activity

  • How to use a lock box:

    Supervisor uses a single job lock on each energy control point to lock out equipment keys for job locks are put in a lock box each worker applies his own lock to the lock box. As long as any one worker's lock remains on the lock box, the keys to the job locks cannot be accessed, and the energy isolating devices cannot be operated. Each employee retains exclusive control, as required by OSHA.

    Group Lock Boxes Save You Money:

    If there are 5 workers who need to lock out 10 energy control points and you are using hasps, 50 locks are required (all 5 workers must apply individual locks to each control point). Using a lock box, only 15 locks are required (10 job locks applied to the control points and 5 employee locks applied to the lock box). That's a 70% reduction in locks needed.

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