BRADY 99708 Combined Lockout and Lockbox Station with Components

Safety First! Protect Your Most Valuable Asset, Your Life


What's special about this lockout component kit?

  • Lock box attaches to bottom of cabinet and accommodates 8-10 locks depending on lock size and gives you the added security that what ever is inside cannot be accessed and stays OFF.
  • Wall mounting hardware is provided for off the floor installation for easy to find supplies and peace of mind that they will always be where you want them.
  • Conveniently has safety tips printed inside front cover so that you are always reminded of best practices.
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A lock and tag safety system is vital anywhere that employees are servicing or maintaining machines or equipment where they may be exposed to serious physical harm or death if hazardous energy is not properly controlled.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
BC-99708Brady Combined Lockout & Lock Box Station With Components14 lbs
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
BC-LG252MBrady Metal Wall Lock Box4.25 lbs
BC-LC254MBrady Prinzing Metal Lockout Cabinet - Extra Shelf0.85 lb
BC-65387Brady 120V Snap-On Breaker Lockout0.02 lb
BC-65396Brady 120/277V Clamp-On Breaker Lockout0.245 lb
BC-65397Brady 480/600V Clamp-On Breaker Lockout0.105 lb
BC-66321Brady Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout0.065 lb
BC-65329Brady Oversized Breaker Lockout0.15 lb
BC-65404Brady Cleat for 120/277V Clamp-On Lockout (6 pack)0.1 lb
BC-65406Brady Cleat for 480/600V Clamp-On Lockout0.1 lb
BC-PLO23Brady 3-In-1 Plug Lockout-
BC-65392Brady Wall Switch Lockout0.001 lb
BC-64057Brady 1"-6 1/2" Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout0.55 lb
BC-65560Brady 1"-2 1/2" Gate Valve Lockout0.001 lb

Craft workers, machine operators and laborers are among the millions of workers who service equipment and face the greatest risk. A workplace safety system will prevent activation of machinery while a worker may be at risk. A worker places a padlock or other device on the control of a machine to prevent anyone else from operating it and retains the lock's key.

Brady’s BC-99708 is an excellent choice for lockout/ tagout operations because it complies with OSHA’s standards for safety and is equipped with several components for versatile job needs.

  • This lockout/tagout set will play a crucial role in saving the lives of anyone working with shut down live circuits.
  • Yellow powder coated paint finish protects your kit from rust and degradation as well as gives it a consistent finish.
  • Adjustable shelves are available to create the space you need for organization and proper storage of the components.
  • Locking box protects your valuables
  • Padlocks and lockout tags are NOT part of this kit and can be purchased separately.
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Brady Metal LockboxMetal Wall Lockbox - LG252M
Lock boxes require fewer locks and are lighter than hasps on delicate energy isolating devices like circuit breakers. This metal wall lock box is made of yellow powder-coated metal and accommodates 8-10 locks depending on lock size. Slot in front allows keys to be inserted when box is locked and transparent window lets you view contents from the outside. Pre-drilled holes in back allow for easy wall-mounting.
Brady Extra ShelfPrinzing Metal Lockout Cabinet - Extra Shelf - LC254M
An extra shelf for additional storage in your lockout/tagout kit
Brady Snap-On Circuit Breaker120V Snap-On Circuit Breaker Lockout - BC65387
Designed for 120V circuit breakers that have holes in the switch tongue, our snap-on breaker lockout is easy and quick to install. Dual cavities accommodate different size switch tongues and device accepts lock shackles up to 9/32" in diameter. Dimensions are 0.83"H x 0.35"W x 2.15"L
Brady Clamp-On BreakerClamp-On Breaker Lockout
Clamp-on breaker lockouts are easy to install using thumbscrew design which means no screwdriver is needed. Simply tighten lockout securely onto switch tongue, pull cover over thumbscrew and lock cover to prevent clamp from being loosened. Accepts lock shackles up to 9/32" in diameter. Constructed of rugged polypropylene and impact modified nylon.
BC-65396 - 120/277V
BC-65397 - 480/600V
Brady Universal Multi-Pole BreakerUniversal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout - BC-66321
Universal multi-pole breaker lockout is made of durable impact-modified nylon and is compatible with most two or three pole breakers with a tie-bar such as GE ITE, Sylvania, Challenger, Bryant, Westinghouse and General Switch Company. Simply tighten thumbscrew to clamp lockout securely over tie bar, then insert lock to prevent clamp from being loosened.
Oversized BreakerOversized Breaker Lockout - BC-65329
Oversized breaker lockout is the perfect device for 480/600V switches up to 2 1/4" wide and 7/8" thick. Made of durable polypropylene and glass filled impact-modified nylon. Applies in seconds with thumbscrew mechanism so no screwdriver is needed. And, our new blade design with improved grip works on even more breaker models!
Brady Lockout CleatsLockout Cleats
Cleats easily clip onto the bottom of clamp-on breaker lockout devices. Assures positive restraint for breakers with long, sliding switch throws.
BC-65404 120/227V
BC-65406 480/600V
Brady Wall SwitchWall Switch Lockouts - BC-65392
Wall switch lockouts may be used with most wall-mounted switches and are simple to install using existing screws. Made of high visibility red our wall switch lockouts are hard to miss. Device can be used to lock switches "on" or "off". Padlock sold separately.
Prinzing 3-in-1 Lockout3-in-1 Plug Lockout - BC-PL023
Prinzing 3-In-1 Plug Lockout accommodates high and low-voltage plugs up to 3" in diameter and 5 1/2" in length. 2 sliding top lids can be used individually or together to fit small, medium and large-diameter cords up to 1 1/4". Plug lockout is made of bright yellow thermoplastic material.
Brady Adjustable Gate ValveAdjustable Gate Valve Lockout - BC-64057
Our versatile, economical lockout adjusts to fit 1" to 6 1/2" diameter valve handles, replacing 3 conventional gate valve lockouts. Durable polypropylene is resistant to extreme temperature changes from -13°F to 194°F. Device is compact for easy carrying and storage.
Brady Mini Gate ValveMini Gate Valve - BC-65560
Made of injection-molded polypropylene, our gate valve lockouts are extremely rugged for superior impact and chemical resistance. They can easily withstand temperatures from -20°F to 300°F. Unique knockout center accommodates OS&Y or "rising stem" valves. Lockouts accept locks with shackles up to 3/8" diameter. Danger labels in English, Spanish and French are included.
Material: Metal
Size: Cabinet: 16" H x 14" W x 6" D
Lock Box: 6" H x 15" W x 3" D





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