Middle Atlantic Rackmount Power Distribution w/ 2 Stage Surge Suppression and Notification

Several Outlets with Surge Suppression Protect Your Rack in Only 1 Rack Unit of Space


What's special about this rackmount power distribution?

  • TIE/EIA Compliant
  • UL Listed in the US and Canada
  • UL File #: E204950, UL Standard: 1419
  • A&E Specifications: 96-01041
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The Middle Atlantic 2 Stage Suppression and Notification power distribution unit offers a variety of features to help power and light any rackmount system. This surge suppression unit comes with 9 outlets, 8 of which are located on the back of the unit and 1 in the front. The unit takes up only one rack space (1U), with a 19" depth to allow for easy access to the 15 AMP outlets located on the back of the power strip. Panel comes with three USB ports (2 rear, 1 front) which are compatible with the USB Connector LED light for added illumination into the rack system. Located on the front of the unit are two LED status indicators which will show the level of protection provided at all times.

Part # Description U/Rms Weight Qty Price
MA-PD-915RV-RN 15 AMP Power Distribution
w/2 Stage Surge Suppression & Notification
1U 8.5 lbs 1
Manufacturer Direct
  • 9 outlets (8 rear, 1 front)
  • 15 AMP circuit
  • Contact closure notification to any customer supplied monitoring device when surge protection has been completely compromised.
  • 9 foot cord
  • Illuminated combination power switch/circuit breaker.
  • 3 USB ports (2 rear, 1 front)
  • Clean ground surge suppression will not pass noise contamination.
  • Durable black powder coat finish



Part # MA-PD-915RV-RN
# of Outlets 9 outlets (8 rear, 1 front)
# of Ports 3 USB ports (2 rear, 1 front)
Nominal line voltage: 120 VAC
Maximum line current: 15 Amps
Maximum allowable voltage: 125 VAC (RMS)
Maximum continuous voltage differential applied between line and neutral, line and ground, or neutral and ground
Peak impulse current (8/20 micro seconds): 30,000 Amps, one time
19,500 Amps, two times within 5 minutes
7,000 Amps, ten times within 2 minutes
Maximum peak impulse current pulse as defined between line and neutral
Maximum multiple impulse current derated per spec
Protection mode: Line to Neutral
Maximum clamping voltage: 545 Volts @ 100 Amps
Response time: Instantaneous (Less than 1 nanosecond)
EMI/RF Suppression: More than 20 dB
Calculated line to neutral, 100 KHz to 1 MHz suppression based upon nominal impedance
Surge energy dissipation: 711 Joule (10 / 100 micro seconds)
2 Stage surge suppression with status indicators
Surge suppression circuit does not contaminate ground






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