Cable Entrance & Exit

For data, network or home theater applications, these low voltage plates allow cables to pass through walls. Many different entry/exit plates are available, including slotted plates, brush plates and plates for bulk cable pass-thru. Recessed and hooded styles, and even reversible models are available, or if you need to cover up an outlet, try our blank wall plates.

Seamlessly Pass Cables through Your Walls with the Right Wall Plate

At, we are all about keeping cables and wires neat and orderly. Cables can get messy fast, especially in areas where a number of them are needed, like for data, network, or home theater applications. We have a wide variety of wall plate covers to fit your needs, no matter if you are trying to create a neat look for your own home theater, or if you are working on a job for a client. Our cable entrance and exit wall plates will give you the professional look and convenient usage you are looking for.

Wall Plate Staff Favorites

We asked our staff what some of their favorite wall plates were, and they answered! Here are five of the wall plates we sell and why they work so well.

  • The Recessed Pro-Power/Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit. This kit gives you exactly the power connection and cable pass through you need behind home theater electronics and flat panel TVs. The recessed outlet is perfect for tight spaces because it keeps plugs from extending away from the wall. This kit comes in a few different styles, all of which keep your A/V cables neat and hidden away.
  • The Flat Panel TV Bulk Cable Wall Plate. If simplicity is what you are going for, this Vanco wall plate is a terrific option. It has just one single opening which allows you to easily run cables and connectors so that you achieve cable organization. It is specifically designed to fit behind most wall mounts and flat panel televisions. This is a great option for people who are creating a DIY home theater!
  • The Flexo System. This special plate combines a mounting solution with braided sleeving. It has a split ring collar that is designed to easily snap onto preexisting braided sleeving with no special tools. When installed, it provides strain relief for cables and wires.
  • The Vanco Brush Plates. This is an affordable option that yields professional results. They are available in a single or dual gang and come in three different finishes. These wall plates ensure impeccable cable management for anywhere you need to wrangle a number of different cables.
  • Blank Wall Plates. Sometimes you need to close space where there used to be cable access through a wall. This blank wall plate gives you a smooth, finished surface so that you don't have unsightly holes in your wall. Also, it protects stray fingers and hands from getting an electric shock. They come in a number of different colors to match your decor, and can also be easily painted over.

If you need assistance finding the right wall plate for your home theater or conference room, please give us a call so that we can make sure you find the perfect one for your needs!