Arlington Industries® SCOOP™ Cable Entry Plate with Slotted Cover

Simple, Stylish Low-Voltage Wire Management for Any Application


What's special about these wall grommets?

  • Allows low voltage data, network and home theater cables to pass through from inside a wall, creating neat and organized cable installations for your home or office.
  • Cable bundles are easily pulled through the opening and held together tightly by the flaps, preventing cables from falling back behind the wall.
  • Soft plastic material protects cables from abrasion when pulled, preserving the look and life of your cables.
  • May be mounted into any "decorator-style" wall plates, including the low voltage sides of electrical boxes, allowing easy installation using readily available parts.
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The SCOOP™ Cable Entry Plate with Slotted cover from Arlington Industries is a great solution for cleanly installing all of your low voltage cables through a wall. Designed to subtly mount onto a recessed wall plate, these cable entry grommets gently wrap around cables entering a wall to prevent abrasion damage and firmly hold them together for effective, aesthetically pleasing cable management.

Part # Description Dimensions Color Weight Price
AI-CED130 SCOOP™ Cable Entrance Plate 2.73" H x 1.41" W
[6,93 x 3,59 cm]
White 1.5 oz (40g)
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  • Smooth white finish with matching hardware fits any décor, but is easily painted to customize according to your needs.
  • This wall grommet is ideal for installing home copper and fiber networks, A/V cabling, and all any other low voltage wiring.
  • Proudly made in the USA USA


  • Cable Entry Plate with Slotted Cover Drawing Specifications (PDF) PDF

    Rating Low Voltage (Class 2)
    Slot Dimensions 1.5" H x 0.91" W
    (3,81 x 2,3 cm)
    Color White
    Material Plastic
    Dimensions 2.73" H x 1.41" W x 0.5" D
    [6,93 x 3,59 x 1.24 cm]
    Weight 1.5 oz (40g)


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