Electrical Wire Connectors

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What's special about these wire connectors?

  • Wire connectors made from hard plastic shells that are flame retardant
  • Steel, square wire springs promote durability
  • UL Listed and CSA certified
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ULCSA Approved

Wire connectors are ideal for splicing multiple electrical wires together. They come in a wide variety of sizes and types. CableOrganizer.com is proud to carry fixed spring, and free spring in both standard type, and twist on variety. Simply strip the insulation off the ends of your wires, join them together, twist (although twisting is not necessary with free spring wire connectors), and screw your wire connectors over the wire ends. Outlined in the table below is a simple guide to tell you the wire range that each (color coded) wire connector will accept.

Part # Color Type Spring Type Range (Awg) Wire Min. Wire Max. Qty. Price
WN-GY Gray Non-Winged Fixed 22-16 2 #22 2 #16 100
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WN-BL Blue Non-Winged Fixed 22-14 2 #22 3 #16 100
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WN-OR Orange Non-Winged Fixed 22-14 1 #18 & 2 #20 2 #14 100
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WN-YL Yellow Non-Winged Fixed 18-12 2 #18 4 #14 & 1 #18 100
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WN-RD Red Non-Winged Fixed 18-6 2 #14 4 #12 100
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  • Conforms to UL standard 486° C
  • 105° C (221° F) temperature rating


 General Connector Features:

  • Hard plastic shells are flame retardant
  • Steel, square wire springs
  • UL Listed and CSA certified
  • Conforms to UL standard 486°C
  • 105°C (221°F) temperature rating

 Fixed Spring Wire Connector Features:

  • Five color-coded sizes for easy identification of wire ranges
  • Handles all sizes from #22 to #10 AWG copper
Fixed Spring Wire Connector - Blue
Fixed Spring Connector

 Free Spring Wire Connector Features:

  • Each size can be used to connect a wide variety of wire sizes and combinations
  • Spring expands to conform to wires
  • Three color-coded sizes for easy identification of wire ranges
  • Handles all sizes from #22 to #6 AWG copper
  • No need to pre twist wires
Free Spring Connector
Free Spring Connector
Fixed, Non-Winged, 100 pk
WN-GY Gray 22-16 2 #22 2 #16
WN-BL Blue 22-14 2 #22 3 #16
WN-OR Orange 22-14 1 #18 & 2 #20 2 #14
WN-YL Yellow 18-12 2 #18 4 #14 & 1 #18
WN-RD Red 18-6 2 #14 4 #12
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