MS2 Dual Desk Outlet

A Powerful Solution for High Occupancy Workspace Connectivity



What's special about this desk outlet?

  • Delivers up to 4 power & 4 data connections to your conference table or other work station.
  • Smooth one-touch access mechanism makes getting started a breeze.
  • Closes flush to maintain a clean look when not in use.
  • Choose between opposite facing (alternating) or single directions (linear) to suit your needs.
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  • UL

When it comes to bringing high density connectivity to a workstation, we've all come to expect lots of labor and the not-so-great look of several boxes installed into the tabletop. The MS2 contains 2 individual 2 power/2 data desk outlets in one great looking, streamlined grommet. Depending on your setup and surroundings, you have a choice between alternating and linear orientations in 2 modern finishes.

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Part # Style # Of Power Ports # of Open Data Ports Cord Type Cord Length Price
BY-BE01820-MS2A-3-3-EFF-120 Alternating, Black Grommet / Black Front Plate 3 3 3-Prong 10 FT
Manufacturer Direct
Retrofit USB Chargers
Part # Image Type/Features Cord Length Price
BY-BE03844-AV-72 MS2 Dual Desk Outlet BY-BE03844-AV-72 Retrofit USB Simplex Charger White
Manufacturer Direct
BY-BE03844-C-72 MS2 Dual Desk Outlet BY-BE03844-C-72 Retrofit USB Simplex Charger Black
Manufacturer Direct


  • 2 units in one grommet cuts installation time in half and provides a more streamlined look.
  • Ideal for high density power and data connectivity in the office or educational facility.
  • Includes a Voice/Data kit for adding the data or A/V ports of your choice.

    MS2 technical drawing

    Property Value
    Power 15A
    Dimensions (MS2A) A: 4-1/2"
    B: Varies by # of Windows
    C: 1-1/4"
    D: 2-1/2"
    E: Varies by # of Windows
    F: 4"
    Weight 6 lbs
    Ratings UL


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