OptiSeal Heat Shrink Butt Splices

Crystal Clear Butt Connections


What's special about these butt connectors?

  • Made with Crystal Clear™ heat shrink tubing to allow full visual inspection of splices prior to crimping.
  • Lined with a hot melt adhesive to completely seal out dust, dirt, and water, protecting the integrity of your splice.
  • Color-coded strips on the connector barrel indicate which wire gauge to be used with the connector.
  • 2.5:1 shrink ratio accommodates wires of various sizes.
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  • RoHS Compliant

OptiSeal heat shrink butt splices are made with a specially formulated crystal clear heat shrink tubing to provide a clear view of connections prior to crimping.  This additional clarity ensures that your splices are crimped correctly and will work as they should.

Part # IMG Tubing Diameter Color Code Max. Expanded Id Min. Recovered Id Package Price
NSPA-OS55-16 18-22 AWG Red 0.260" 0.045" 50 pcs
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NSPA-OS55-10 10-12 AWG Yellow 0.375" 0.100" 50 pcs
Manufacturer Direct
  • One-piece, seamless design provides greater conductivity.
  • Equipped with a wire stop to prevent over-inserting of wires when crimping.
  • Heat shrink is made of a specially formulated cross-linked ionic polymer for extreme strength.
  • High tensile strength to resist breakage
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Material Cross-linked ionic polymer
    Shrink Ratio Exceeds 2.5 to 1
    Shrink/Recovery Temperature 194° F (90° C)
    Continuous Operating Temp -67° to 257° F (-55° to 125° C)
    Flammability Passed (FMVSS 302 test)
    Tensile Strength 4,000 PSI
    Longitudinal Change +1/-10% Max
    Dielectric Strength 750 V/Mil (30KV/MM)
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