NightGlow Luminescent Spiral Wrap

High Strength, Durability, and Visibility


What's special about this glow-in-the-dark wrap?

  • Wraps and bundles your cables, wires, and hoses while providing high visibility in dark areas.
  • Soft glow lasts for up to 8 hours throughout the night or day.
  • Can be charged by any light source, including fluorescent or sun light.
  • Constructed of strong, flexible material to protect your cables while still allowing them to move freely.
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This glow-in-the-dark spiral wrap allows you to bundle your cables while providing you with a light source. This specialty spiral wrap is ideal for use in applications where extreme abrasion resistance is important, and additional light is needed for safety.

Part # Description Min. Hose O.D. Length Price
PCI-N12 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 3/8" diameter 3/8" 165 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N16 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 1/2" diameter 1/2" 66 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N20 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 5/8" diameter 5/8" 66 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N25 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 15/16" diameter 15/16" 66 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N32 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 1-1/8" diameter 1-1/8" 66 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N40 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 1-3/8" diameter 1-3/8" 66 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N50 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 1-3/4" diameter 1-3/4" 66 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N63 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 2-1/4" diameter 2-1/4" 66 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N75 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 2-5/8" diameter 2-5/8" 66 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N90 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 3" diameter 3" 66 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-N110 NightGlow Spiral Wrap - 3-7/8" diameter 3-7/8" 40 ft.
Manufacturer Direct
  • Wraps around cables, so you can install it without having to disconnect or remove cables or fittings.
  • Provides multiple breakout points for easy routing of cables.
  • Constructed of 100% virgin polyethylene for greater durability and resistance against abrasion.
  • Operating temperature from -40°F to +280°F (-40°C to 138°C) for use in a wide variety of environments.
  • Available in various sizes to wrap and install over just one cable, or large multi-cable bundles.
  • Equipped with smooth beveled edges to prevent both cables and installers from being cut.
  • Ideal for use in many in industrial environments, as well as many other applications, including:
    • Mining Machinery
    • Farming Equipment
    • Marine and Boating
    • Health and safety
    • Camping
    • Fishing/Hunting
Density ASTM D 1505 g/cm3 0.954
Melt index
2,16 kg ASTM D 1238 g/10 min 0.1
5.0 kg ASTM D 1238 g/10 min 0.56
Carbon Black Content ASTM D 1603 % 2~2.5
Tensile Properties ASTM D 638 (IV) - -
Tensile strength at yield (min) - kg/cm2 230
Tensile strength at break (min) - kg/cm2 300
Elongation at break (min) - % 500
Flexural modulus ASTM D 790 kg/cm2 8800
Environmental Stress Crack
Resistance ASTM D 1693 hr 1000
Condition B, F50 (min)
Hardness (min) ASTM D 2240 shore “D” 63
Impact strength (lzod, method A, min) ASTM D 256 kg-cm/cm 30
Brittleness temp. (min) ASTM D 746 °C -75
Vicat softening temp. ASTM D 1525 °C 123
Oxidative Induction Time at 200°C ISO / TR 10837 % 16
Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D 790 min 40
Thermal conductivity ASTM D 177 Watt/m°C 0.4
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ASTM D 696 1°C 0.00013
Specification Data
Material Classification ASTM D 1248 - III C 5 P34
Cell Classification ASTM D 3350 - 345434(PE3408)





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