Fire Resistant Anti-Static Spiral Wrap

Prevent Hazardous Flames from Static Discharge


What's special about the FRAS wrap?

  • Both fire resistant and anti-static to prevent and retard flames and sparks in volatile environments.
  • Allows you to wrap and bundle one hose or cable at a time, or several at once.
  • Made of strong HDPE material to protect cables against being crushed, abraded or damaged by UV rays.
  • Ideal for use in underground mining, hydraulic equipment, welding, drilling, tunneling and manufacturing.
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FRAS spiral wrap is made of a low-resistivity material to prevent bundles from building up a charge and discharging sparks in unstable environments, which can cause hazardous flames.  In addition to its anti-static nature, this protective wrap is fire resistant, so it won't ignite in the event of a fire.

Part # Min. Hose O.D. Length Price
PCI-FRAS12 3/8" 165 ft
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-FRAS16 1/2" 66 ft
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-FRAS20 5/8" 66 ft
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-FRAS25 15/16" 66 ft
Manufacturer Direct
PCI-FRAS32 1-1/8" 66 ft
Manufacturer Direct
  1. SIMTARS certified for use in mines and other underground applications.
  2. Flexible material allows you to route cables around corners and bends, and move freely in robotics applications.
  3. Low resistivity allows electricity to pass freely, and prevents bundled cables from building up a charge.
  4. Fully certified by MSHA
  5. Fully approved for underground use in mines.
  6. Available in various sizes to work for multiple applications.
  7. Tested to the following standards:
    1. AS 2660
    2. AS 1180, 10B
    3. AS 1180, 13A


PCI-FRAS12 0.38" 9.5mm 0.5" 12.5mm 0.06" 1.5mm 3/8" 165 ft
PCI-FRAS16 0.5" 12.5mm 0.64" 16mm 0.07" 1.75mm 1/2" 66 ft
PCI-FRAS20 0.63" 16mm 0.79" 20mm 0.08" 2mm 5/8" 66 ft
PCI-FRAS25 0.84" 21mm 0.98" 25mm 0.08" 2mm 15/16" 66 ft
PCI-FRAS32 1.06" 27mm 1.26" 32mm 0.1" 2.5mm 1-1/8" 66 ft

All measurements are nominal
The O.D. of the hose should be slightly larger than the I.D. of the wrap.


Physical Properties Test Method Unit Value
Density / g/cm³ 0.97
Melt Flow Index
(230°C 2,16kg) ASTM D-1238 g/10 min 2
(230°C 5,0kg) ASTM D-1238 g/10 min -
Tensile strength ASTM D-638 MPa  20
Yield strength ASTM D-638 MPa 24
Elongation at break ASTM D-638 % 300
Elongation at yield ASTM D-638 % 16
Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D-790 MPa 1500
Impact Strength Charpy
23°C ASTM D-256 kJ/m² 35
20°C ASTM D-256 kJ/m² 15
Impact Strength Charpy, notched
23°C ASTM D-256 kJ/m² 6
20°C ASTM D-256 kJ/m² 2
Vicat softening point 1,0kg ASTM D-1525 °C 150
0.45 Mpa ASTM D-648 °C 105
1.8 Mpa ASTM D-648 °C 58
Volume resistivity ASTM D-257 - cm < 10³
Surface resistivity ASTM D-257 - < 105
Shrinkage ASTM D-955 % 1.2-1.5
Hardness Shore D ASTM D-224 0 72
Rate of heat release ISO DIS 5660 KW/m² 218
Point of inflammation ISO DIS 5660 s 20
Specific extinction area ASTM E-1354 m²/kg 1220
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