The US Recession is Over: 9 Powerful Products to Propel Your Business into Strong Growth

BY: Christina Hansen


According to the August 11, 2009 issue of the Wall Street Journal, the US recession is finally over, and our economy is on the upswing. As skies begin to brighten for American companies of all sizes, now is the time to strategize, and empower your business to shake off stagnation and hit the ground running. Designed specifically to reduce overhead costs, increase workplace safety, and protect your investments in critical operational equipment, these innovative and dynamic products could be exactly what you need to propel your company out of the recession, and back into business.


Decora Manual On Occupancy SensorLeviton Occupancy Sensor
Getting ahead economically can be tough when you have to continually pick up the tab for electricity that's wasted around the office. If you've found that employees rarely remember to turn out the lights when going home for the night or leaving restrooms, conference rooms, and break areas, then this is the perfect time to take energy conservation into your own hands, with the Decora® Manual ON Occupancy Sensor from Leviton. As soon as the lights are switched on, this low-profile motion detector uses Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) to sense human movement within a room. When motion is no longer detected, the lights are automatically turned off in one of four time increments: 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes.


PANDUIT® PanTher™ LS8 Label Printer
You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can definitely identify a cable by its label. In the world of networks, the faster you can identify cables when troubleshooting, the better. Network downtime can mean lost information and lost sales… in other words, lost money. Enable your technical team to recover your company's network as quickly as possible by labeling communications cabling and patch cords with an IT-friendly label printer, like the PanTher™ LS8 by Panduit.

Designed specifically with server rooms and telecom closets in mind, the PanTher™ LS8 is able to tackle high-volume print jobs on tape-style, die cut, heat shrinkable and self-laminating labels. This portable printer is sized to fit in your hand, so it can be easily carried to any location where it's needed, and attached to a laptop or PC via USB to import label data.


Patch cord management probably isn't something you've given much thought to, but for those ponytailed tech geniuses on your staff (you know, the ones we like to call "IT guys"), the difference between server racks draped in tangled waterfall-like cable formations and those that are arranged in tidy rows can make or break the technical emergencies that they have to deal with. Trying to find and fix a problem in a network whose cables are snarled beyond recognition is nightmarish at best, not to mention a significant time waster. But there's a bright side, and its name is Neat-Patch.

Neat-Patch is a cable storage system that rack mounts horizontally between patch panels, providing a space within your server rack where excess patch cord length can be neatly looped up and hidden. The system is based on the use of 2-foot patch cords, which are just long enough to connect one patch panel to the next while creating a single bend-radius loop, which is nestled into the Neat-Patch channel. Once all of the port cycles have been completed, you simply snap on Neat-Patch's cover, and you're left with rows of tidy, perfectly traceable patch panel connections - and no visible cable slack.


dequorum flip-up worksurface portaldeQuorum Flip-Up Worksurface Portal
When you run cables all the way from your conference table to in-wall power outlets and data ports, it not only looks messy, but can also obstruct walkways and create tripping hazards for meeting attendees. Transform your boardroom into a safer and more professional-looking environment with a tabletop power and data center, like the deQuorum Flip-Up Worksurface Portal by Wiremold.

This convenient and stylish unit mounts directly into the surface of your conference table, providing guests with power and data connections for laptops, projectors, or A/V equipment, all within arm's reach of their seats. When not in use, the power and data modules are simply flipped closed, recessing them flush into your tabletop and leaving you with a flat, clean, wide open work surface.


Zero-Surge Surge Suppressor
An important step in moving forward out of a recession is to protect your investment in the servers, computers, peripherals, and other technology that your business relies on. While you probably already use surge protectors and UPS units for each computer workstation, many of those are based on the Metal Oxide Varistor, or MOV. An MOV is the part of a surge suppressor that "clamps" excess voltage during power surges and spikes, and sends it to the grounding line. This works well, but there's just one problem – MOVs generally wear out and stop working after several surges occur, leaving your electronics vulnerable and at risk.

When it comes to protecting critical components that you can't afford to have fail, one of the wisest choices on the market is the Zero Surge® Power Filter and Surge Suppressor. Unlike MOVs, the patented series-mode suppression circuits that Zero Surge® uses to deflect excess voltage do not degrade with use. Even after the worst power surges, you can rest assured that your essential network equipment is still fully protected and ready to face the next voltage fluctuation.


smart strip surge protectorSmart Strip
Ever heard of vampire electronics? They're devices like computer monitors, printers, and the office coffee machine; electronics that constantly "suck" small amounts of electrical current, even when they're not in use. And financially speaking, they're bleeding you dry, by driving up your overhead costs. Now is the time to fight back, but don't reach for garlic, a wooden stake, or silver bullets – all you need is a Smart Strip Power Saving Surge Protector.

What sets the Smart Strip apart from the rabble of other surge protectors on the market? In addition to diverting excess voltage from power surges and spikes away from sensitive electronics, the Smart Strip is capable of sensing when a main device, such as your computer, has been turned off. Once it knows that shutdown has occurred, it automatically cuts power to any attached peripheral devices, so that they don't waste valuable electricity while doing nothing.


Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector
If your business includes a warehouse, manufacturing facility, auto service center, garage, or enclosed parking area, you need to guard your employees, your customers, and yourself from the dangers of carbon monoxide. Any environment that contains vehicles, machinery or fixtures that burn natural gas, wood, or petroleum-based fuels has the potential to accumulate unsafe levels of this tasteless, odorless, deadly gas, which is a byproduct of incomplete combustion.

Kidde Direct Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detectors plug directly into AC wall outlets to provide instant and reliable CO detection without the need for hardwiring or any other installation headaches. Many varieties are equipped with digital displays that give constant read-outs of carbon monoxide concentration (from 30-999 PPM), and some even feature battery backups that continue to power the units during electrical failures, so you're protected at all times.


Lectric projection screenVutec Screen
It doesn't matter how sharp your PowerPoint or video is – if you begin your presentation by wrestling and fidgeting with a pull-down projection screen, you're just not going to impress prospective clients and business partners as much as you could. Give all of your upcoming presentations an extra measure of polish and professionalism with an automated LECTRIC I projection screen from Vutec.

With a heavy-duty aluminum housing and a motor-in-roller mechanism for silent extension and retraction, this affordable motorized screen is the perfect finishing touch for any well-used conference room. Made of fiberglass-reinforced vinyl fabric with a wide180° viewing angle, the LECTRIC I is controlled with a standard wall switch, but can also be interfaced with IR and RF remote controls.


Cable-Safe™ Professional Installer Kit
If you want your office to look clean and organized during visits from prospective clients, don't rely on a handful of organized employees to make your entire organization look good. Getting every single desk ship-shape and clutter free is easier than you think. You just need the Cable-Safe™ Professional Installer Kit.

Packing enough punch to organize the cables, power strips, and USB hubs of anywhere from 10 to 15 workstations, these kits work their magic by lifting small components and excess cord length off of the floor, so that under-desk spaces can remain neat, clean, and wide-open. Employee morale will improve when feet no longer become tangled in computer cords, overnight cleaning crews will be able to vacuum under desks more efficiently, and of course, guests will be all the more impressed with those professionally organized workspaces.