How to Straighten Out Your New Floor Cord Cover

BY: Christina Hansen


Cord CoverJust so you know this ahead of time, lengths of new Floor Cord Cover will arrive to you coiled up. Because it’s packaged this way, the cord cover has a tendency to retain a bit of a curve when it’s first unpacked, but don’t let that worry you! Customers often ask us how they can correct the curl, and we like to let them in on a couple of our favorite tricks:

  • Try the old “Reverse Coil” maneuver…Once you have your new cord cover out of the box and unwound, just re-coil it in the opposite direction. Hold it like that for a minute or two, and when you release it, you should find that all the kinks have been worked out.
  • Have any old copies of the Yellow Pages? If you do, break them out, because you’re about to find a new use for them! Unroll your new cord cover and lay it out – bottom side down – across the floor. Then, just weigh it down every couple of feet, using those handy phone books…or any other somewhat-heavy objects that you have lying around the house. Let the whole thing sit for a little while, and you’ll be rewarded with a perfectly flat cord cover!

Once you have the cord cover straightened out, we recommend installing it with double-sided tape. It’s a quick, easy and effective solution for keeping your cord cover where you want it…just remember to find out if it’s compatible with your floor surface before the installation!


Safety Tips:

  • Before installing your cord cover, be sure that it will be able to accommodate the diameter of your cables. It’s no big deal if the cord cover’s channel is a little larger than what you need, but if you over-pack a cord channel that’s too small, you put your cables at risk for damage.

  • Cord covers are meant to keep you from tripping over your own cables, but unless you anchor them down, they’re not going to help much! Be sure to firmly attach your cord cover to the surface it’s being run over, using a surface-appropriate adhesive like double-sided or VELCRO® Brand tape.