Helpful Tips for Powering Multiple Devices in a Small Area



Finding enough electrical outlets for all the items you have in your home or office is sometimes difficult. Many times the area is so small that placing a power outlet or extension cord is out of the question. Whether the limited space is in your home or office, there are solutions for providing power to your devices.


Powering Multiple Devices in Your Home

powersquidThe Power Squid Surge Protector features five outlets on flexible arms that easily hold bulky adapters and fits perfect in awkward spaces and small areas in your home or office. For safety, the protector automatically shuts down if there is a power surge or outage.

To avoid all the clutter with charger cords, there’s an innovative product called the PowerStation Cable Organizer, which allows you to plug in three devices for charging all at once. This is ideal for charging your cell phone and other small electronics while at home or on the road.

Increase your power while at the same time saving space with the Power Strip Liberator.  It is a great replacement for those power cords that just won’t reach the outlet. These can be used in your home, office, and even in your garage.

For powering multiple devices in your home or office, use power strips.  These are available with ten, six, or four outlets and different lengths of cord.  They are also equipped with mounting devices for easy placement on your wall for saving space. You can also choose whether you want a power strip with a non-surge or surge protector.


Organize Your Cables

Organizing your cables can help to eliminate multiple outlets and save space on your counter tops, desks, and floors. There are many products available that are made for organizing cables in your home or office.

self-adjusting cable organizerFor the cables that have to be unplugged often, the Self-Adjusting Organizer comes in handy. By placing your cables in the organizer, when you have to unhook them, they will not fall behind the desk or shelf. The organizer can be mounted to furniture, an office desk, walls, and even equipment to hold your loose cables and give you that extra space you need.

To organize your cell phone cables, MP3 Players, and camera cables, you can use the Cable Caddy. This is great for any portable devices you might use on your desktop.

For organizing your cables behind your office equipment, entertainment system, and even your kitchen appliances there are cable clips and cord clips. The clips can be used with one cable or multiple cables and can also be used over and over without leaving marks or sticky residue.

A very unique device for getting rid of excess cables on your desk is the Cable Turtle. The cable turtle comes in a large size that can be placed under your desk for larger cables and a small size for use on your desktop for keyboard, mouse, or phone cables.

With all the numerous products available, you should have no problem providing power to the mass number of devices used daily in your home and office whether the space is large or small.

Other Great Products for Powering Multiple Devices Include: