Save Money while Protecting Your Electrical Cords with Inexpensive Cable Covers



Protecting your electrical cords from pets, children, and traffic can be a very hard task at times, but you’ll want to make sure everyone around your cords is safe. Purchasing covers for your electrical cords can be very costly, but there are many inexpensive and economical cable covers available on the market today.


Inexpensive Cord Covers for Your Home

light-duty cord coversOne solution for protecting your electrical cords while saving money is to use Rubber Duct Cord Covers. These inexpensive cable covers come in a variety of styles and have a high resistance to wear and tear. The rubber duct cord covers are typically more affordable than polyurethane. Light-Duty Cord Covers are inexpensive but durable and easy to install. These can be used under carpet or behind furniture to provide great protection for your cords. Another inexpensive cover that will protect your cords and cables from walking traffic is the Home and Office Floor Cord Cover. This product works well for the home or home office because it is low-profile, lightweight, and easy to set u p and take down for special events.

A product that is affordable and that works great for hiding, protecting, and organizing your cables is wire loom. Wire loom is easy to install, fits multiple cable sizes, and comes in a variety of colors to match your home’s décor.


Economical Cable Covers for Your Office

For great cable protection at the office, Wiremold offers flexible wire and cord covers. The covers come in various lengths and colors and are very easy to install.  For the inexpensive price, these offer great light-duty cord covering for a small office or home office. The Safcord Cord Cover is also perfect for use in your office workspace. It can easily be placed in the hallway, doorway, and around furniture. The cord cover is washable and reusable, and can even be rolled up for storage.


Save Money while Protecting Your Cables from Heavy Traffic

Whether you’re in a commercial or industrial business, or setting up cables at a convention, protecting your cables from heavy traffic inside or outside can be very costly. You can find many products on the market today to protect your hoses or large cables without having to spend a lot of money. The Guard Dog cable and cord protector is an excellent solution for protecting your wires and cables from heavy traffic at any public event. It has a very high load-bearing capacity along with abrasion and weather resistance due to its polyurethane construction. The protectors are perfect for construction sites, convention centers, festivals, conferences, the television industry, and many other high-traffic situations.

yellow jacket cable and hose protectorAnother great product that is heavy-duty and ideal for protecting your cables and cords from mass traffic in an outdoor environment is the Yellow Jacket. Its ability to be easily set up and taken down makes it a great product to use at an outdoor event or on an industrial site.  This product is also affordable and can be used again and again.

For low-volume pedestrian traffic at indoor events, the Bumble Bee Cable Protector is a great solution.  For safety, the Bumble Bee has a yellow and black color with diamond-pleated texture. It is easy to assemble, affordable, and compact for quick storage.

When you are looking for products that will protect your cables and cords at low cost, search the Internet and you will find numerous products available that will suit your needs and your pocketbook.

Other Great Products for Inexpensive Cable Management Include: