Safety Guide for Conference Room Power Distribution



Your company is planning to hold a meeting in a conference room and it is your responsibility to make sure enough power distribution units are available and to ensure that cables are properly placed to meet the safety requirements. What do you do? Luckily, there are many products and methods you can use to accomplish safe conference room cable management.


Multiple Outlets Needed in a Conference Room

Miniport with power and data installedWhen setting up your company’s equipment for a meeting in the conference room, you should make sure there are enough electrical outlets available and that the outlets will not be overloaded.

If you need to add multiple outlets for appropriate power distribution in the conference room, there are surge protectors available that are designed for connecting up to six AC adapters or plugs. These are great for conference room meetings because they can be placed in the center of a room or on a tabletop.

For the conference room tables there are desktop outlets available that provide power connections and still leave your desktop looking neat. The Power Squid is a 4-foot power cord that converts one grounded outlet to five grounded adapter-ready outlets. This will easily allow you to plug five devices into one outlet.


Hiding Cables in a Conference Room

When you are setting up the power distribution units for your conference room meeting, you will be concerned about hiding cables from the traffic for their safety and the safety of those attending the meeting. For hiding cables in the conference room, you can use a Cable Protector. It is kept secured to the floor with double-sided tape and protects your cable while keeping the floors clear and safe.

An inexpensive way for hiding cables in the conference room is by using a wire loom. It is very light and flexible and enables you to place all your cables in one neat package. Raceways are also an easy solution for hiding cables. These can be placed along the wall’s baseboard or on the ceiling.


Stylish Cable Covers

DO-MAX drop over cable protectorYou not only want your cable covers to be hidden and protected in the conference room, but you also want your covers to look stylish. There are cord covers that come in bright yellow or red colors to make them more visible for pedestrian traffic and pleasing to the eye. Using stylish cord covers can help to eliminate tripping hazards during the meetings. They are easy to set up and take down and are great for any indoor event with low-volume foot traffic. The Bumble Bee Cable Protector works well in indoor environments such as conference rooms where there is low-volume traffic. It is durable and easy to set up.


Flexiduct Cord for Added Protection
Flexiduct Cord Protectors are flexible and provide great protection for your cables. The protectors are available in 6-foot, l5-foot, and 25-foot lengths and come in permanent UV- resistant colors of brown, black, beige, gray, and safety yellow that will not fade. Also available is the transparent cord protector which is great for low-light situations. It will keep the floor clear and safe while covering and protecting your cables.

By using these numerous products and following the safety rules for powering a conference room, your company’s meeting should run smoothly and have adequate power distribution.

Other Great Products for Conference Room Cable Management Include: