Wire Loom Tubing Solutions

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Corrugated wire loom tubing is a versatile cable management solution that allows you to organize cords in your home or office and protect them from abrasion, corrosion, or hungry pets. It is available in split and non-split (solid) installation varieties, and can be easily cut to size. We offer heat resistant and flame retardant varieties, as well as plenum and riser rated options, not to mention accessories, connectors and tools to make installation easier. For large applications, it’s also available in bulk.

Conduit is typically similar in construction to wire loom. Both are usually composed of corrugated tubing that act as protection for cables and wires. Conduit, however, is usually used for much larger applications, where optical, electrical, communication or low voltage cables need to be routed over longer runs, possibly outdoors or even underground. These fully enclosed channels help guard wire and cable bundles against moisture, fluids, corrosives and vibration. There are flexible metallic examples made of galvanized steel or aluminum, non-metallic varieties of flexible corrugated conduit made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and non-flexible EMT (electrical metallic tubing) conduit that is often cheaper and lighter than flexible alternatives. If your cables will need to bend along their route, flexible options might be your best best, but if it only needs to run in a straight direction for most of its run, non-flexible EMT may be the way to go. Since conduit is almost always used for bigger jobs, it’s sold in bulk.

In addition to the conduit itself, we feature a wide selection of accessories and fittings including mounting brackets, connectors, clamps, junction boxes, couplings, screw connectors and EMT-to-flexible combination couplings. Repair and maintenance equipment is also available from leading brands like American Polywater, including duct sealant, adhesive, repair kits and antifreeze gel for extreme cold weather conditions. For cutting conduit up to 3/8” in diameter, an armored cable cutter will do the trick.

About Wire Loom Tubing and Conduit and Why You Need It

Wire loom tubing is a solution for cable management that both organizes and protects cords and cables. There are different kinds that exist to help for different things, such as heat resistant and flame retardant varieties. The purpose of wire loom tubing is to create an extra layer of protection for your cables. The level of protection needed depends on your particular situation.

Conduit is another option available for wire protection. It is very similar to wire loom but is used for large applications where as wire loom is usually used for smaller jobs like organizing computer cables or home theater system. If you are looking to run wires outdoors, for long lengths, and in conditions that might get unfavorable – conduit should be your choice.

Don’t Forget the Odds and Ends When Running Wire

CableOrganizer is a one-stop-shop for all your project needs, so rest assured that we also have all of the clips, connectors, and installation tools you need to make your job easy. As with any project it is always a good idea to make sure you are completely set up with all the equipment you need from A-Z to have an easy and less frustrating time putting things together. There’s nothing worse than having to consistently run to your nearest hardware tools to get something you forgot. That ultimately just delays you or may end up in cutting corners – and no one wants to do that whether it comes to home projects or something you are doing for work.

Wire loom can be used for computers, home theaters, in your car, and more. Conduit comes in many varieties but is mostly used for running wires through exposed locations. If you are installing conduit outdoors, remember that it must be rated for outdoor use. Don’t skimp and always make sure to get the right product for the job, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a bigger mess than you started with.

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