Convoluted Weather-Resistant Riser Raceway

Wire Protection for Extreme Conditions


What's special about riser corrugated tubing?

  • Hides and protects cables, wires, and hoses from damage in a building’s riser shaft
  • Integrated UL Listed Kevlar® pull wire saves time and money over using outside products
  • This heat and cold resistant wire loom prevents multi-level spread of fire, protecting personnel and equipment from damage
  • Ideal for wire installation in horizontal areas between floors
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When installing wires into buildings, personnel and equipment safety is partly dependent on proper wire installation. Convoluted Riser Raceway is designed to be installed in riser shafts in new construction or retrofit applications. This tubing protects from dust, abrasion, heat, and other elements that can harm cables.

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Part #Nominal SizeIdOdLengthColorsPrice / Coil
BFTRI050-250FT1/2"0.65"0.85"250 FTOrange, White
Manufacturer Direct
BFTRI075-250FT3/4"0.87"1.125"250 FTOrange, White
Manufacturer Direct
BFTRI100-250FT1"1.10"1.35"250 FTOrange, White
Manufacturer Direct
BFTRI125-250FT1-1/4"1.25"1.60"250 FTOrange, White
Manufacturer Direct
BFTRI150-250FT1-1/2"1.50"2.00"250 FTOrange, White
Manufacturer Direct
BFTRI200-250FT2"2.00"2.50"250 FTOrange, White
Manufacturer Direct
  • Rugged, impact-resistant design is still flexible enough to go around bends without becoming damaged
  • Compatible with optical fibers, this tubing will protect even the most sensitive cables
  • Sequential footmarks ensure you will not over or undercut the amount needed for the job, creating perfect runs every time
  • Nylon Resin construction does not become brittle in cold weather
Material Corrugated Nylon Resin
Pull Line / Cable Pre-Installed Kevlar pull tape or cable (up to 7/16" in diameter)
UL Standard 2024 (UL Test 1666)
Acceptance Criteria Test Method Value
Maximum Flame Propagation UL 2024, Sec. 9 4.25 ft
Maximum Damage Height UL 2024, Sec. 9 6.75 ft
Mechanical Properties
Acceptance Criteria Test Method Value
Tensile Strength, Yield ASTM D638 7,800 PSI
Flexural Strength ASTM D790 9,200 PSI
Thermal Properties
Acceptance Criteria Test Method Value
Melting Point ASTM D789 420° F (215° C)

NOTE: The use of Riser Raceway does not eliminate the need for Riser rated cable.







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