How to Organize iPhone® Cords

By: CableOrganizer®

iPhone® owners, unite: it's time to rally against the tangled, disorganized earbud cords that are keeping you from fully enjoying your high-tech gadgets. CableOrganizer® is here to equip you for the task, with a lineup of five pint-sized cord organizers that, despite their small stature, really know how to whip earphone cords into shape. So go ahead, break out that iPhone®, and experience listening as it's meant to be: well organized and tangle-free.

wire loom


wire loom

Animal Clips are a fun and unique way to keep iPhone® cables and earbuds untangled. There are numerous types of Animal Clips to choose from and they can be attached to your computer monitor or another flat surface. Simply route the USB cable through the animal’s mouth to keep it in place.



These multi-purpose BlueLounge® CableClips™ cord wraps come in a four-pack for the small and medium sizes and a two-pack for the large clips. The two-channel CableClip™ lets you wrap your lightning cable around it to organize your wire’s slack. The small is ideal for your earbuds and medium is perfect for your phone charger cable. The CableClip™ can stay on your desk or head out with you while you’re on-the-go.


bluelounge charging caddy

BlueLounge® Stands are various solutions to simplify iPhone® charging. These options eliminate wires and add other features to a desk. The Sanctuary Multi-Device Charging Valet allows for the simultaneous charging of multiple devices in an organized way. The SocketStation Smart Hub Shelf provides a shelf above an outlet where an iPhone® can sit. There are desk charging options too that further organize your workspace, with places for pens and other small office supplies, like the BlueLounge® Charging Caddy and BlueLounge® DeskDock.


wire loom

The CableDrop™ cord clips from BlueLounge® attach to a desktop or workstation with a peel-and-stick self-adhesive system to keep cell phone charger cables in place.


wire loom

This unique Cable Fish is another innovative and fun way to organize cables. Simply wrap the cable length around the fish-style body. The cable end can be routed through the fish’s “eye” or slot in its “tail.”


wire loom

We're crazy about the Cable Turtle for its flexible cord-hiding shell and its sleek good looks, which landed it in the Museum of Modern Art's design collection. This is another smartphone cord winder that you can leave dangling at-the-ready on your iPhone earbud cord without it getting in the way. Just flip open the Cable Turtle's “shell,” wrap your earphone cable around the inner core, then snap the shell closed again to conceal the coiled-up cable. Adjustments go the same way — with the Turtle open, wind or unwrap as much cord as you need to, then close the shell back up.


wire loom

The Cable Kiss is a cable manager for your desk. This cable winder was designed to resemble the shape of a particular popular chocolate candy treat. It comes in several trendy colors and opens with a flexible flip top to load cables, then close the top over the cable slack.


cord hog

The Cord Hog is a cable management tool that can wrap various lengths of wires in a small, two-inch diameter system. It comes in several colors and can manage USB cable slack with ease. The different color choices can be used to color code and identify each cable.


charging station

Charging stations streamline charger cords by eliminating the need for them. Place your phone on one of several charging pads available in this category. The USB plugs into a wall charger or port. WireRun® features the Reverie™, Fantasy™, and Utopia™, which each have a space-saving design that eliminates cable clutter on or near a desk, or in a vehicle.


wire loom

If you've found that your iPhone® earbud cords get hopelessly tangled whenever they're not in use, then the earPod just may be your ideal companion. This super-compact earphone storage capsule lets you wind earbud cords around its outer channel, and then gently stores the earpieces themselves in the felt-lined inner chamber. With a diameter of only 1.5 inches and a depth of a half-inch, the earPod is just as easy to carry around in your pocket as it is to toss into a purse or backpack.

Check out CableOrganizer® for more iPhone® cable management solutions.

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