How to Boost Office Efficiency

By: CableOrganizer®

We know how hard you work. You keep the coffee brewing from 9 to 5. You keep tabs on the office thermostat, setting it at a universally comfortable temperature. You’ve even invested in valuable training opportunities like time management workshops.

If you feel like your workplace is still lagging in the efficiency department, no matter how many other bases you have covered, CableOrganizer® has products that achieve organization that can help your office run like a well-oiled machine. Organization is our mission, and it just so happens that we’re especially good around the office with cable management. From unruly computer cords to jumbled storage closets, it’s amazing how much time can be wasted when workplace surroundings are out of control. Here are a few of our favorite products for taking charge of productivity-robbing clutter:



kendallhoward WorkBench

A customized modular workbench is helpful in any industry, whether working in a small office or spacious data center. The Kendall Howard® Computer Workbench is available in standard widths that make it adjustable for different workspaces. The workbenches come with optional accessory bars, keyboard trays, utility drawers, power strips, caster kits, and more.



desk outlet

Another way to increase efficiency is by keeping all your cords off the floor and centralized. This not only tidies up a space, but it prevents tripping hazards. Investing in built-in desk outlets can help to tame cord clutter. There are a range of choices that can suit one desk or even a conference room table, with both power and USB. Some have a foldable top that the unit is nicely disguised when not in use.



wall mount charging

There could be a significant amount of portable and mobile devices in the office like specialized tablets, laptops, and phones. Some employees may have them at their desks but another way to safely charge and stow them away when they’re not in use is with the Kendall Howard® Wall Mount Charging Station. This charging station is an aluminum cabinet that is easy-to-install and lightweight. It comes with an 8-outlet power strip, cable management supplies, and wall mounting hardware to hang it up. Keep these devices secure and cushioned in rubber-lined slots under lock and key during the evenings, weekend, and holidays, when no one is in the office. It also helps to maintain an inventory and keep track of these gadgets. There are vented slots within the doors that keep temperatures properly managed as the devices are stored.




If you need a complete, convenient and highly effective under-desk cable management system — or one that can tackle one office or more — you can find an organization solution tailored to your needs in one of the CableOrganizer® curated kits. These kits are chock full of solutions whether you are looking for desk cable management, a standard single office organizing kit, professional single office organizing kit, multiple office organizing kit for four offices, or a multiple office organizing kit for eight offices. The beauty of these kits is all items have been hand-selected by the team at CableOrganizer® for cable problem-solving. With that, since these products are bundled, each kit has a built-in cost savings. Now in addition to all the things you’re already great at around the office, you can add “budgeting” to your accolades too.



neat patch

Stroll over to the nearest server rack and take a peek at what’s going on behind the network equipment. What do you see? You’re either gazing upon neatly ordered rows of patch cords, or getting an eyeful of cables that look frighteningly like knotted spaghetti. If you’ve got the latter situation on your hands, it’s time for a Neat-Patch®! This unique patch cable storage solution provides an easy and attractive solution for routing patch cords, protecting bend radius and storing excess cable length. The Neat-Patch® not only gives server racks a neat and organized appearance, it also eliminates wasted time and frustration when IT personnel need to perform maintenance or updates.




Combine a large staff with lots of electronic equipment, mix them up and pack them into an office space — and you’ve got the perfect recipe for disorganization. The potential for confusion is everywhere, from tangled network cables to heaped-up office supplies. Stop wasting time wading through clutter! Make sure that everything around your office is identified and put in its place with a versatile handheld label printer like the Brady® M210. It handles all your labeling needs with thermal transfer printing, including general purpose, industrial, electrical and telecom/datacom applications. It prints in six different fonts and has 80 different symbols, to transition from general format to patch panels. You can even print on heatshrink with it, using the PermaSleeve™. The Brady® M210 will take you from server room to storage closet to desktop. And who knows? It might even bring an end to that age-old query: “Whose stapler is this?”

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