Fast, Efficient Terminations and Connections with Leviton® Fiber Optics

By: CableOrganizer®

Over the past century, Leviton® electrical components have become a household name. But did you know they produce an impressive line of fiber optic products as well? From consumables and connectors to fiber enclosures and adapter plates, Leviton® fiber optic components are designed for fast, easy terminations and high-quality connections. Read on to learn more about Leviton fiber optics, available right here at CableOrganizer®!


fan out kit

Before you can terminate optical fiber, you've got to get it squeaky clean. For just that reason, you'll find a wide variety of Leviton® fiber optic consumables products at CableOrganizer®. The standard Leviton® Consumables Kit comes complete with alcohol pads, polyester wipes, music wire and lapping film. The Fast-Cure Kit is made up of all the adhesive, accelerator, needles and syringes needed for terminations with Leviton® Fast-Cure connectors. We even carry the Leviton® Adhesive Accelerator kit, which contains primer and hardener for use with fiber optic connector adhesives.

Leviton® Fan Out Kits are perfect for separating and protecting 250-micron fibers during fan out terminations. The kit makes it easy to route them into 900-micron color-coded buffer tubes. Fan Out kits are available in 24" and 36" lengths, for 6-fiber or 12-fiber configurations.



Whether you need to terminate single-mode or multimode fiber, Leviton® FastCAM connectors allow you to make fast, precise field terminations. Using a proven and revolutionary mechanical splice technology, FastCAM connectors eliminate the need for hand polishing, specials tools and even epoxy! After a cleaved fiber is inserted into a FastCAM connector, the installer simply releases the factory-installed wedge clip — and an instant low-loss connection is formed.

EIA/TIA compliant FastCAM connectors are available in LC, SC or ST styles. They're perfect for any indoor premise or fiber-to-the-subscriber installation, as well as applications that require a fast data network. To make terminations even easier, try Leviton® FastCAM Installation Kit, which includes a fiber stripper, cleaver and two types of cleaning wipes: dry and alcohol-moistened.



fast cure

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, Fast-Cure Adhesive Style Connectors from Leviton® make it easy to quickly terminate optical fiber for LANs, WANs, point-to-point systems and Cable TV distribution networks. Available for single-mode and multimode fiber, Fast-Cure connectors come in LC, SC and ST styles. These connectors feature precision, pre-radiused zirconia ferrules. Leviton® Fast-Cure adhesive connectors comply with TIA/EIA standards. Their high cable-retention crimp makes them ideal for use with jacketed fiber.





thread lock connectors

Thread-Lock connectors are a convenient solution for easy field terminations on single-mode and multimode fiber. TIA/EIA compliant Thread-Lock connectors are both removable and reusable, meeting Telecommunications Industry standards for tensile strength and performance. Best suited for indoor use, these Leviton® fiber optic connectors don't require crimp tools, epoxies or heat curing. It takes about two minutes each to install. Thread-Lock connectors have a typical insertion loss of 0.20dB and come in SC and ST varieties, with duplex clips available.





optx ultra

Leviton® OPT-X Ultra™ High-Density Fiber Rack Enclosure is ideal for the interconnect and cross-connect between backbone cable and active equipment. It has a smaller footprint. Its transparent doors and chassis simplify repairs. It is a versatile enclosure, with bulkheads compatible with the Plug-n-Play modules, splice trays and OPT-X™ Adapter Plates.







These are the perfect partner for OPT-X Ultra™ High-Density Fiber Rack Enclosure! OPT-X™ Adapter Plates are available in multiple adapter types, so installers can easily add in or change connector styles. Equipped with easy-to-use plastic plungers, these 16-gauge steel adapter plates allow for fast installation. no tools needed! TIA/EIA compliant Leviton® OPT-X™ Adapter Plates can be configured with 6, 8, or 12 ports. These accommodate FC, LC, ST, MT-RJ and QuickPort adapters.




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